Reporting Attendance

  • A student must spend a minimum of 4 hours per day doing “school work” for it to count as one day of attendance.  And, yes, educational field trips and unconventional learning does count! 
  • Attendance is reported by logging into myHLA and clicking on Applecore.
  • Report the total number of days attended for each semester.
  • Your HLA grade reporting account should reflect only the days of attendance while attending HLA.
  • If your student has transferred from another school, attendance from HLA plus attendance from the previous school should equal 180 days.  It is the parent’s responsibility to determine how many days of school a transfer student still needs to complete 180 days. 
  • Generally, a student will complete 90 days per semester.
  • Since HLA is more flexible than traditional schooling, there is no need to worry about sick days or snow days. A homeschool student has 365 days to complete 180 days of school.