When and Where to Report Grades

HLA requires grades and attendance to be reported two times per year.


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Report a mid-term (fall) grade by January 15 and a final grade (spring) by June 15th only.  Do not report daily grades.


  • Although HLA requires grades and attendance to be reported for all grade levels, we have a very flexible system that can accommodate different homeschooling styles.
  • If your student has not completed fall term or spring term assignments, you may report a “point in time” grade.  You can update the “point in time” grade when assignments have been completed.
  • High school courses should receive partial credit each term i.e. .5 credit for Biology in the fall and .5 credit for Biology in the spring.
  • For information about reporting high school grades from previous years when a student was not registered with a school, see Transferring to HLA.

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Report grades and attendance, print report cards, keep a portfolio all in HLA’s very own online grade reporting system, Applecore!

If you are NEW to HLA and Applecore, please take a few minutes to watch the videos below!  These videos give an overview of how to report grades, attendance and your education plan in Applecore.  If you have questions after watching this video, please email records@homelifeacademy.com or call 888-560-0774 ext 3514 for Applecore Support.

To Enter an Education Plan:


To Enter Semester Grades:


To Enter Attendance Records:


To Enter Portfolio Information:


College4 (3)Summer term is optional for students needing to continue through the summer to complete courses or for those who may want to take additional courses. Summer term is an extension of the previous school year. Final grades can be recorded in the summer term if your student needs additional time.


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Applecore uses a letter grade system for all high school courses.  K-6th students may use the Pass/Fail or Excellent/Satisfactory grade system. It is recommended that students begin using letter grades by 7th grade. Click the image to the right to see the HLA grading scale.





  • See “Add Your School Year” and “Add Your Courses” below.
  • Do this for all students at the beginning of each year (before August 1).
  • Enter all courses the student will be taking for the school year.
  • Include detailed information such as any resources/books used for each course or give a course description.  If your student is taking courses at a tutorial, dual enrollment or other location, enter the name of the program in the Resources box.
  • Courses should be reported according to the student’s grade level, not according to the curriculum level. (curriculum level can be noted in the course description).

Visit our Education Plan page for more information.


  • Log into myHLA and click on Applecore.
  • Click View/Report Grades.
  • Click Add Year – select the school year and the student’s grade level.
  • Click Add Year at the bottom of the box.
  • Click Return to Students.  You will do this for each student.

  • Click Add Course.
  • Select the Category (see below for more information)
  • Select a Course Title.
  • Enter the course resources/textbook or description in the box provided.
  • If a high school course, be sure the box is checked next to Credit Courses. All High school courses should be credit courses.
  • When you are finished, click Add Course.
  • When you click Add Course, there will be a pop-up that asks, “Would you like to add another course?”.
  • Select YES and a new Add Course page will pop-up. Continue until you have all courses entered.
  • You will be able to add courses quicker and get your education plan entered in no time!

  • K-8th students should have courses listed from the K-8 categories.  These will be Non-credit courses.
  • High school students should select from the list of high school categories.
    • High school courses will be assigned credits each semester.
    • Categories allow the parent to communicate with HLA regarding how you want a course designated towards the credit requirements. If a student was taking Saxon Physics, this allows the parent a way to communicate that the course is actually a Math course and should be applied toward the Math requirement.
    • Please visit Course Titles for more information.

  • Use letter grades for all high school courses and assign the appropriate credits each semester. You can Refer to HLA’s Grading Scale for information about converting a numeric grade to a letter grade.
  • Elementary students can use Satisfactory/Excellent or Pass/Fail.
  • To report grades, log into myHLA  and click on Applecore.
  • Add Semester is used to add the grade and credit for the semester. Click SAVE.
  • If you need to edit that grade or credit, use the Edit Semester button to make any changes.
  • Click SAVE to update and save the semester’s information showing on the screen.
  • Click Add New Semester to copy the course and create a new semester and grade for the course.
  • Click SAVE to update and save the new semester’s information showing on the screen.

  • Click “CAN’T FIND COURSE?”.
  • This will allow you to type your own course title. Ex: Korean
  • Be sure to put the textbook, resources and or other course information in the Textbook/Resource box.
  • When you are finished adding the information for that course, Click Add Course.