HLA’s Grading Scale 

  • Applecore uses a letter grade system for all high school courses. 
  • K-6th students may use the Pass/Fail or Excellent/Satisfactory grade system.  It is recommended that students begin using letter grades by 7th grade.
  • The grading scale below will help you convert numerical grades into letter grades.
  • You have the options of + or – with each letter grade.  A numerical grade of 93 would be a B+ whereas a 94 would be an A-.  A 100 average would naturally be an A+.   
  • If your student is taking a class(es) with a tutorial or other instructor who uses a different grading scale, follow the scale used by the instructor for that class.
  • Most HLA parent-teachers do not use percentage grades in their teaching and grading.  However, if you do prefer to use percentage grades, the HLA grading scale is as follows: