HLA offers freedom and flexibility. You have the freedom to set your school schedule according to what is best for your family. Some families like to school year-round with a more relaxed schedule while others like to follow the public/private school schedule. Some families even follow a calendar year schedule instead of a traditional school year. We also offer a 5-year high school plan for students who may need a little more time.

Regardless of your preference or situation, HLA is happy to accommodate your family’s needs as best we can. All we ask is that you enroll/re-enroll before August 1 of each year, enter your Education Plan into Applecore at the time of registration, report grades twice a year, keep your contact information up-to-date in your account and read HLA emails and newsletters to stay informed of important information.


Students who have not met graduation requirements are able to take an additional year (5th year) of high school. Students are taking 5 years to graduate instead of the traditional 4 years, for a variety of reasons:

  • Some students are just not ready to graduate after 4 years. They may have started Kindergarten early, skipped grades, or just want another year at home to grow and mature.
  • Others find that they need another year to finish their high school coursework and adequately prepare for college.
  • These students can spend another senior year taking dual enrollment courses along with their high school courses.
  • A student may repeat any high school grade level, but most complete two senior years.
  • To our knowledge, this has not affected any student’s ability to receive scholarships or college entrance – we have not received any negative comments whatsoever from parents, colleges, etc.
  • You only pay the Senior Fee once for that student.
  • Students can also graduate in December if an additional full year is not needed.

Block scheduling is when a student completes a 1-year course in 1 semester (spending double time on that course).

  • Students on a block schedule will only take 3 or 4 courses per semester.   For example, in the fall, the student may take Algebra 1, English, and Biology and complete these courses by the end of the first grading period (January 15). Final grades and full credit value would be issued in January. 
  • In the Spring, the student would begin new classes for the next session and complete those classes by or before the end of summer. Final grades and full credit value would be entered upon completion in June. 
  • If courses are not completed by June 15, report a “point in time grade” and partial credit for any work that has been done. 
  • Final grades and credits can be reported in the summer term and are due by September 15. Summer school is an extension of the previous school year.  If the course is still not completed by September 15, the course can be carried over into the next school year.
  • Additionally, some courses may be taken on a Block Schedule while others in the same year may be taken as full-year courses.


Calendar year schedules are from January through December and usually still has a summer break.  This type of schedule is typically used by international families but some USA families will follow this schedule from time to time. 

  • Families following this type of schedule should still remember to re-enroll by August 1 (particularly those families living in TN, FL, and AL). 
  • Those following a calendar year school schedule will still be required to report grades by the established due dates (January 15 and June 15). 
  • You will have to split the student’s grade level between two school years.   
  • Example:
    • 2015/2016 School Year 8th grade – The student completes 8th grade in December 2015:
      • Report final grades for 8th grade on or before January 15.
      • Report grades in the fall term in Applecore. 
      • Represents coursework completed between July 2015 and December 2015.
    • 2015/2016 School Year 9th grade – The student begins 9th grade in January 2016. 
      • Report mid-term grades for 9th grade on or before June 15.
      • Report grades in the spring term in Applecore.
      • Represents coursework completed between January 2016 and June 2016.
  • We hope to have a calendar year option available in Applecore in the future.

Semester schedules are when the student takes the whole year to receive one (1) full credit on courses such as Algebra, English, Biology, etc. This is the most common schedule.  

  • Usually, no more than 8 credits would be taken during the traditional school year, under this schedule.
  • Partial credit is issued at the end of the Fall term and the remaining credit is issued upon completion of the course in the Spring term. 
  • If the student has not completed courses by the end of the Spring term, an extended summer term is available to report final grades.
  • Credits should be distributed between each term. 
  • No more than 1 credit (total value) should be given for full-year courses. 
  • No more than .5 credit (total value) should be given for semester courses such as Health, Government, Economics, and Personal Finance unless these courses are taken as dual enrollment courses or the publisher specifies the course is worth the additional credit.

Summer term is optional for students needing to continue through the summer to complete courses or for those who may want to take additional courses.  Summer term is an extension of the previous school year and there are no additional fees if you are registered for the corresponding school year. Grades for the summer term are due no later than September 15.

  • Each school year is August 1 – July 31 (for grade reporting and enrollment purposes).
  • Since most summer term courses last 60 days and the student will need to spend approximately 3 hours per day studying each course, we do not recommend a student taking more than 3 credits during the summer term.
  • Students wishing to enroll with HLA only for summer courses will have to pay full registration fees for the school year in which they are enrolling.
  • IMPORTANT: Please verify that your school will accept summer credits from HLA before enrolling. HomeLife Academy does not recommend public school students enrolling in summer courses with HLA in hopes of transferring those credits to the public school.  Public schools are not required to accept summer credits taken with HLA.
  • Traditionally, attendance in a summer school course does not count as part of the 180 days required for a school year.  It is in addition to the 180 days.  Of course, homeschooling is more flexible.


Year-Round Schooling is a philosophy more than a schedule.  Families who school year round are always learning and don’t have set times for breaks.  They generally take short breaks throughout the year and often view education as ongoing not having a beginning or end.  HLA is flexible concerning how you schedule your school year.

  • HLA’s school year, for enrollment purposes, is August 1 – July 31.
  • Grades will still be due twice per year……before or by the reporting due dates.

Suggestions for year-round schooling with HLA:

  • Register before August 1 (include education plan for the upcoming academic year).
  • For grade reporting and enrollment purposes, think of your school year beginning in August.
  • You are free to spread your 180 days between August and July or you can do additional days over 180.
  • Change your student’s grade level each time you enroll for a new school year (regardless of the curriculum level).
  • Report Fall grades in January for any work that has been done since August (point in time grade or semester average) and issue the appropriate credit value to each course.
  • Report Spring grades in June for any work that has been done since the last grade reporting date (or final grades) and issue the appropriate credit value.
  • Finish any courses during the summer if needed or begin new classes.
  • Only report summer grades for courses that are completed during the summer.
  • Courses started in the summer before the school year begins will be carried over to the next school year and reported before or by January.
  • Re-enroll before August 1 of each year, update your education plan and update the student’s grade level.