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If you live in Florida and would like to register with HomeLife Academy, it is not necessary for you to register your K-12 grade students with the local school board or county.  In Florida, there are two common options.  You can register with a non-campus based private FL 600 school like HomeLife Academy as a private school student.  When registering with a private school, you will only be required to meet the requirements for that school.  You can also register with the county or local board of education as a homeschool student.   A third option is to use a private certified teacher to tutor your child.  Please read the HSLDA summary below carefully as it is important to know your legal rights.


HomeLife Academy Florida

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HomeLife Academy is recognized by the State of Florida as a private school and is listed with the Florida Department of Education under Orange Country. FL School code: 5592. ACT/SAT High School Code: 431-423. HLA is a member in Good Standing with ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) and a registered group with HSLDA.


HSLDA Legal Summary for Florida


Homeschooling in Florida

Summary of Requirements:

blue checkRegister with HomeLife Academy or another private (cover) school OR fill out a Notice of Intent with your local board of education by the time school begins in your area.

blue checkMust be registered between the ages of six (6) and sixteen (16). Students must be registered for the current school year if the student turns 6 by February 1 of that school year, otherwise, the student must be registered the school year after turning 6. Must be 5 by September 1 to register for Kindergarten.

blue check180 Days of Attendance (or equivalent in hours)

blue checkMeet the requirements i.e. testing, reporting, etc. of the private school or the county with which you are registered.


NOTE REGARDING SPORTS:  Registering with the local board of education (county) by filing a Notice of Intent must be done annually in order to play sports under FHSAA guidelines.  You may NOT stay “enrolled” in HLA while you are playing sports under FHSAA eligibility.  Students registering with the county to play sports will be required to meet homeschool requirements including portfolios and evaluations.  If you need more information on playing sports, please visit our Sports and Extracurricular Activities FAQs.

If you would prefer to stay registered with a private school and your student wants to play public school sports, you can register with our sister school, HLA Preparatory School. HLA Preparatory School is recognized by the State of Florida as a private school and is listed with the Florida Department of Education under Brevard County. FL School code: 9152.

Registering for FLVS:
HomeLife Academy is affiliated with FLVS. You will sign your student up as a private school student, enrolled with HomeLife Academy, which is located in Orange County. Once you sign up for desired courses, we will approve those courses for your student. Please allow 1 – 2 days for approval. FLVS Student-Registration-Guide

FLVS for HLA Prep Families: You can follow the same guidelines as HomeLife Academy families but you will be listed as enrolled under HLA Preparatory School in Brevard County. If you have any questions regarding this you can email HLA Prep is for student athletes wishing to play sports in a public school setting. 



Advantages of Enrolling with HLA under the Private School Option




Yes, being enrolled with HLA meets the requirements of the state of Florida for Compulsory Attendance .  You will not be expected to meet other state or county requirements such as portfolios, evaluations, testing and reporting.

No, you will not need to fill out any forms for the local board of education or county.  If you are asked or told to fill out a Notice of Intent to Homeschool, please call us and we can forward a Proof of Enrollment for you.  If you are transferring to HLA from the county as a homeschooler, you may be required to fill out a Notice of Termination.

Withdrawing from your local board of education or public school is simple.  Once you register with HLA, we will send a notice and request for records to your current school or county.  This notifies them of your withdrawal and prompts them to forward your records to HLA.  In most cases, you will need to do nothing further.  You may be asked to sign a Notice of Termination and this should be of no concern to you.  It is generally a formality in the school/county process.  If you are asked to fill out a Notice of Intent, please call our office and we will forward the correct documents. You do not need to fill out a Notice of Intent if you are enrolled with HLA.

No. Since HLA is strictly a private school, or “600” school, listed with FL in Orange county, our students earn diplomas by completing our credit requirements.


State Organizations and Associations

Florida has an incredible state-wide association, Florida Parent-Educators Association (FPEA), that works directly with homeschoolers across the state.   FPEA serves thousands of homeschooling families in Florida providing support, guidance and information to both new and veteran homeshoolers.  FPEA is a community that thrives by sharing resources, creating connections, enhancing relationships and breaking down barriers.  FPEA acknowledges that there is no one “right” way to educate, and acts as an ambassador and champion, serving and protecting the rights and choices of all homeschoolers.

MISSION STATEMENT: The Florida Parent-Educators Association exists solely to serve homeschooling families in Florida. It executes that mission through support for the legal right to homeschool, local school board education and interaction, support group networking, a state convention, local conferences and events, informative communications, and individual encouragement, all in accordance with Judeo-Christian principles. (Source:



  Please consider donating to HEF!

  • To PROMOTE and unify legislative action among home educators.
  • To evaluate and MONITOR issues which may affect home educators.
  • To INITIATE, draft and find sponsors for legislation to protect the rights and expand the privileges of home educators.
  • To PLAN, direct and coordinate lobbying efforts.
  • To EDUCATE Florida legislators about home education.
  • To provide a year round PRESENCE and a consistent voice for home educators in the Legislature and Department of Education.

Homeschooling Events in Florida

While Florida has other homeschooling events, FPEA’s Florida Homeschool Convention is the largest homeschool convention in the country, serving more than 15K attendees each year on Memorial Day weekend.  It’s an amazing event that you don’t want to miss!  FPEA hosts several other events including a Special Needs Conference and a STEM Conference.  Please visit FPEA’s Events Page.


Local Support Groups and Other Helpful Information

Florida Virtual School

Florida Homeschooling

FPEA – Homeschool Organizations and Support Groups