If you live in South Carolina and would like to register with HomeLife Academy, it is not necessary for you to obtain approval from the state for your K-12 grade students with the local school board or county.  In South Carolina, there are three, two of which are more common options.  You can enroll with a South Carolina Homeschooling Association like HomeLife Academy (group option 3). Another option is to homeschool by enrolling in the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS) and follow the rules and policies for homeschooling that SCAIHS requires. Additional information about SCAIHS is available on its website. When enrolling with an association, you will only be required to meet the requirements for that school. A third option is to obtain approval from a state board of trustees.  Please read the HSLDA summary below carefully as it is important to know your legal rights.

HomeLife Academy South Carolina

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HomeLife Academy is established as a South Carolina Homeschool Association (Option 3) meeting all qualifications for the State of South Carolina.  ACT/SAT High School Code: 431-423.

HSLDA Legal Summary for South Carolina


Homeschooling in South Carolina

Summary of Requirements:

blue checkEnroll with HomeLife Academy or another homeschool association OR obtain approval by the state board of trustees by the time school begins in your area.

blue check Your child must attend school or comply with the homeschool laws starting with the academic year when he or she is 5 years old before September 1. Thereafter, your child must continue attending school until he or she graduates from high school or turns 17.

If your child is 5 but will not turn 6 until after September 1, you may choose to not send your child to school until the following year if you sign a form provided by your school district.

(See specific guidelines in HSLDA Summary above)

blue check180 Days of Attendance

blue checkMeet the requirements of the homeschool association or the county with which you are enrolled.  (Testing, Reporting, etc)

blue checkYou must include the  following required subjects in your education plan: reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and, in grades 7–12, composition and literature.

NOTE REGARDING SPORTS and other Extracurricular:  Public School Access in South Carolina.

NOTE REGARDING IMMUNIZATIONS:  Immunizations are not required.

Advantages of Enrolling with HomeLife Academy


Yes, being enrolled with HLA the requirements of the state of South Carolina for Compulsory Attendance.  You will not be expected to meet other state or county requirements such as submit progress reports to the state and required testing.

No, you will not need to fill out any forms for the local board of education or county.  If you are asked or told to fill out anything, please call us and we can forward a Proof of Enrollment for you.

Withdrawing from your local board of education or public school is simple.  Once you enroll with HLA, we will send a notice and request for records to your current school or county. This notifies them of your withdrawal and prompts them to forward your records to HLA.  In most cases, you will need to do nothing further.  You may be asked to sign a withdrawal form and this should be of no concern to you.  It is generally a formality in the school/county process.  If you are asked to fill out a Notice of Intent, please call our office and we will forward the correct documents.

State Organizations and Associations

South Carolina State Homeschool Association

CHE: Commission on Higher Education (CHE) oversees the state scholarship funds.

Homeschooling Events in Colorado

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Local Support Groups and Other Helpful Information