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Summertime is Here!
The staff at HomeLife Academy wants to wish you a blessed and prosperous summer. We are working diligently through the summer to prepare for 2013/2014 school year which is quickly approaching.Continue reading to catch up on the latest news, and enjoy our new look!
What’s New?
Where in the World is HomeLife Academy?
WTHEACurriculum FairJackson, TN

July 12th-13th


Education Expo

Chattanooga, TN

July 19th-20th

Stop by our booth and introduce yourself if you are in the area. We would love to meet you!

Attn: Seniors
We have seniors who have still not requested their diplomas and graduation packets.  Remember that students who do not request this and complete their graduation with us will be marked as withdrawn in September.  So even though your student may be in college in the fall or gainfully employed; should future colleges or employers seek verification of graduation, we will not be able to provide it without completing this process.  Thank you.
Workshop Weekend a Success!
HLA hosted a day of workshops, with over 20 different optional classes. This was an all day event full of encouragement and constructive applications for teaching your own children. There were anywhere from 12-50 in attendance in each class.  We covered practical tips for teaching Preschool to High School, along with ideas for teaching students with special needs. Also included were classes for dads, ideas for college preparation; as well as common sense book usage and how to teach using an iPad. It was a successful day of events!
Latest Blog Post
Meet Lani Carey, High School Counselor for HLA. “The high school years can be difficult to navigate. God granted me the wisdom I needed…”See our blog to watch a video interview with Lani!
Why is my Status “Pending”?
     There have been many inquiries regarding the Pending Approval and Pending Grades statuses on accounts.  Please do not worry; if your account is in Pending Approval or Pending Grades, we have received your registration and your payment for the upcoming school year.All accounts that have registered will go through Pending Approval to be reviewed for grades and attendance, updated student grade levels, and an updated education plan for the new year.  If any of these items are missing, your account will be moved to Pending Grades and will remain here until all of the above items are reported.Also, remember that HomeLife Academy is as flexible as we have always been; we are just looking for communication with our families so that we can better serve them.  If there is a reason you are unable to complete your reporting, please let us know and we will be happy to note your account and possibly expedite your approval. Keep in mind that you can report the grades that you have so far and update the others as the summer coursework is completed.

If you have reported all of these items (grades, attendance, education plan, and grade levels), please feel free to contact us to expedite your approval and receive your Confirmation of Enrollment and Teacher Verification; otherwise please be patient as we work through all of our families and know that we have got you covered. Thanks so much for allowing us to serve your family.

What Exactly is Common Core?
Common Core State Standards Initiative
The Common Core State Standards Initiative, as it is now called, is a set of academic standards establishing the minimum basic content that students should be taught and at approximately what grade level they should be taught in English Language Arts and Math for grades K-12.  Science standards are currently being developed as well.  The intent is adoption by all states creating a “common” set of standards for all students “regardless of zip code.”  Preparing graduates for continued education beyond high school that will ultimately be competitive in the global workforce is their goal.It began in 2007 when the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded an initiative to develop “American standards” for U.S. schools.  The National Governors Association (NGA), the Council of Chief State Schools Officers (CCSSO) and Achieve joined together for the development and implementation of the standards. It has been billed as a state-driven initiative; however, many have argued that the financial incentives from the federal government through the Race to the Top competition and No Child Left Behind waivers amounts to coercion, at best, and a mandate, at worst, which would effectively federalize education in the U.S.Continued…

2013/2014 Enrollment
    It is time to re-enroll for the 2013-2014 school year! Our administrative school year begins on August 15th; however, you need to be re-enrolled prior to the start date of the public schools in your area to assure that you are in compliance with your local attendance requirements.  These dates may not reflect your actual teaching schedule, but that is okay. You can begin on your own time as long as you are enrolled before the date of the public schools. Please be aware that we cannot provide a “covering” to families that are not actively enrolled.Do not wait and risk forgetting when you can re-enroll now and set your mind at ease! There are certain requirements that will need to be met to complete your enrollment, including reporting grades and attendance, and updating your education plan.
Where are our HLA graduates?
HomeLife is wanting to know where our graduates are attending colleges so that we can include these colleges on our website for parents to know and reference.  We are excited to hear where you, your student(s) or someone you know may be attending.  Email graduate@homelifeacademy.com to tell us which colleges and universities HLA graduates are attending or have attended.  Thanks!
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