HomeLife Academy (HLA) launched its student intern program in January with a focus on growing its marketing team. Under the team leadership of Hannah Hartig, an HLA graduate and current Marketing and Public Relations major at Union University, HLA students Alyssa Hartig, Kailey McKee and Jerrica Voyles are the first team of students to participate in this student intern opportunity. It is a program that will continue through the summer and is open to HLA juniors and seniors in the areas of communications/social media, graphic design, photography and videography.

“These young people know a lot about marketing and social media and how to reach the technology generation,” said Angela McKee, HLA Senior Administrator. “Since we are always looking for ways to help homeschoolers, I thought it would be really beneficial to offer something to them where they are able to work and gain experience in a position.”

HLA has had interns in the past working during the summer in different capacities. As marketing strategies have changed, the current needs of the office just happen to match the fields the team members desire to pursue. Alyssa will be starting college in the fall studying graphic design. Kailey is planning on studying communications and Jerrica is working in photography, and are both juniors in high school.

“Right now, the social media presence of HLA can be found primarily on Facebook. However, we have Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts that we are working to develop as well. As we add more platforms, there may be a need to add another student to the marketing team,” said Angela. “Currently, we are in need of a videographer.”

Some of the work you may have already seen from the team are the daily bible verses created by Alyssa, which are scheduled and posted on the Facebook page by Kailey. All four girls were very involved during the promotion of HLA’s National School Choice Week celebration. Jerrica took pictures for the event and Hannah researched and helped coordinate the Facebook chat that was held that week. Now, the team is busy preparing for the HLA Workshop Weekend that will be held on Saturday, February 20 in Jackson.

“They are all very motivated to learn. If there is a need, they step in and see how they can help” said Angela. “This is real work the interns are getting done for HLA. They understand it is important and that the staff is depending on them. It is not just for fun (even though it will be sometimes).”

The interns meet with the HLA Leadership Team and other staff to discuss marketing related topics. They will also attend mini-sessions throughout the semesters presented by working professionals in the marketing field, who will discuss many different topics.

“As the team leader, the position has helped me grow in various ways, particularly in strategizing with others to create marketing campaigns that are being executed. I love learning new programs and discovering new ways to connect with our families,” said Hannah, who appreciates the encouragement and support she has received from the HLA staff as she has learned her responsibilities. “One of my favorite things to be learning from the program is how to collaborate with others in planning marketing strategies. I’m excited to see how these strategies are implemented and what works best for us.”

“I have learned a lot about marketing in general, specifically in graphic design, and how to go about communicating with someone I am working on something for,” said Alyssa. “I’m learning what questions to ask going into something, to get the right idea ahead of time. In addition, I have learned about how to work with a team on a project in order to get more done. For other students interested, I would just say that it’s a great opportunity, and a chance to learn. Also, it will look great on a resume!”

Angela shared HLA wants the intern program to be a real learning experience for students. She believes hands-on application is often the best way for that to happen. Students may also earn academic credit for the position.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for our students and so far, it has been great. Now, we are just seeing how everything continues to come together as a benefit to the interns, our families and HLA.”

You may e-mail Hannah to learn more about the videographer intern position that is available to an HLA high school junior or senior. All positions are open to HLA students in the West Tennessee area.

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