Elephango calls themselves the “Google for homeschoolers.” With thousands of resources that deepen and enrich every subject, Elephango will be your perfect curriculum companion. 

Think of Elephango as a teacher’s assistant. This tool ensures freedom from endless searches for the right lesson and article. Elephango cuts out the middleman to deliver the right resources to you every single time. You will have access to thousands of lessons and activities designed for every learning style and grade level.

Elephango encourages learning by providing lessons that spark curiosity while encouraging mastery. With their unique “Get It, Got It, Go” approach, your child will not only comprehend the topic but will also fully understand the task at hand.

Your child has the opportunity to earn badges while learning, which ignites a desire to continue with the subject. Elephango offers a reward system and leaderboards to build confidence, encourage proficiency, and spark motivation in even the most reluctant learners. 

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