Homeschooling a Problem

It is October. How are you doing with that thing we call homeschooling?

For those of you who started school in August, you are probably dusting off your heels with more than two months of school already under your belt. For those who started a little bit later in September, congratulations to you with several weeks accomplished. And then there are those of you who have been trying to start since August or September and it just has not happened yet. Getting started homeschooling has just become a problem. Let me tell you something, you are not alone.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar as to why your school has not started yet?

Problem #1: The lesson plans are not done, so my children cannot do their work if they have no idea what to do.

Solution: Postpone school until the following week when the lesson plans will be done.

Problem #2: You cannot decide which of the two math curricula is the best to use. You like both but know your child will not be able to complete two programs.

Solution: Postpone school until the following week, which will give you more time to decide.

Problem #3: One of your two or more children is sick. If you taught the one child who is well, they would be ahead of the child who is sick.

Solution: Postpone school until the following week when everyone should feel better.

Problem #4: Your children and you are enjoying the vacation mode you have been in since the beginning of summer and are not ready for it to end.

Solution: Postpone school until the following week when we may all feel like doing some school work.

Problem #5: Right now, you are “just not feeling it”.

Solution: Postpone school until the following week when you know you will finally be ready to begin – hopefully.

Those are real problems and the solutions might be how you handle those problems. Although the problems make sense, they are just excuses.

The reality is that there is absolutely nothing perfect about homeschooling. Some days will be “perfect”. Some days you (everyone) will not want to do it. Some days you will not have a cemented schedule. Some days children will be sick. The other reality is you are going to have to start school, because it must get done.

Are excuses putting a halt to the beginning of your school year?

Just dive in and get started!

Real Problem #1: No lesson plan.

Real Solution #1: Lesson plans make life a lot easier but are not needed for work to get done. Since you have already put together your education plan just work from that point. A well-organized spread sheet for your weekly lesson plan is not necessary. Sometimes, daily lessons written on a Post-it or scratch paper will be the best you can do at the time.

Real Problem #2: Can’t decide which curriculum to use.

Real Solutions #2: There is no such thing as the perfect curriculum. If you are trying to decide between two or more for the same subject, just choose one and start using it. You will soon know if it is a good fit for your child. If it is, great! If not, try the other curriculum.

Real Problem #3: We do group work and one child is sick.

Real Solution #3: Have independent work scheduled for each of your children if you have more than one. If one child is sick, the one who is well will still be able to have a productive school day. When everyone is well, any collective studies can pick up at that point.

Real Problem #4: School is no fun.

Real Solution #4: Starting back to school after a summer (or winter) break is sometimes difficult. Nobody wants the fun to end. School should be educational, but it can also be fun. Add some child-led interest studies and field trips in your school. The fun does not have to end just because summer is over.

Real Problem #5: The teacher (you) is not motivated.

Real Solution #5: If you are going to homeschool, you are going to have to “feel it” if you want your children to do the same. Choose a few subjects you enjoy teaching. Do only those subjects for about two to three weeks. Your excitement will rub off on your children and make it easier for when you must teach those less preferred subjects.

Homeschooling is just like riding a bicycle. Once you get your balance and start rolling, it gets easier. Just remember whenever homeschooling becomes a problem, there is always a real solution.

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