Gift registries are usually created to mark life changing events in our lives like graduation, marriage and the birth of a child. Often, family and friends want to purchase something that will be useful to the person experiencing a change in their lives. Having a list ready to share of preferred items makes it easier for the giver as well as ensures the recipient receives something they want and will be able to use. Have you ever thought about applying that concept to homeshooling?

During this time of year, many of you are making plans for the new school year with lists of curriculum you are considering using with your children. The number of curriculum options are large as well as the amount of money you could possibly spend by the time you purchase everything you need – books, manipulatives, supplies and other homeschool necessities.

If you have a good support system in your family and friends who believe in your choice to homeschool, you may be surprised to find they would also be willing to put some finances (an investment in your child’s future) behind that support. Whether you have been homeschooling for years or will begin your journey during the upcoming school year or near future, having a ready list could lighten the financial burden of home education.

Before you question if the idea of a homeschool gift registry is a bit presumptuous, consider how many 060115hla_gifttimes you have been asked by others if there is something your child needs. Since you are already making a list of what you plan to purchase, you have a running list of what your child needs for school. With your gift registry, you are ready to share the list when asked.

Your list can be as general or as detailed as any other gift registry. You may include just the basics with items like binders, pencils and paper. Do not be afraid to be more detailed by listing specific curriculum with titles, school supplies as well as electronic equipment needs. Someone may be able to purchase a new computer for your school or have access to a well-functioning one they can “gift” to you that suits the needs of your child. Others can partner and purchase a needed item as a group.

Someone may want to contribute only to the general school fund, for school supplies, to a particular subject or extra-curricular activity. The gift registry is something you may keep going throughout the school year and add items as the need arises. The options for how to manage your homeschool gift registry are endless, the financial support is long lasting and you may be able to offer a better education for your child.

What are some of the items you would add to your homeshool gift registry for the upcoming school year?

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