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Homeschool curricula is to a homeschool parent as toys are to a young child; one can never have too many.

Certainly, after reading that statement, there are many of you smiling and nodding your head in agreement. Unfortunately, that is a homeschool myth. It is not fact, but instead fiction (books . . . fiction . . . okay, not funny). If the first piece of furniture you think of purchasing is another bookcase, you probably have too many books. It is time for the big purge (to sell).

The end and beginning (and everywhere in between) of a school year is always an exciting time. Why? Because it involves homeschool books. That probably peaked your interest. Right now, it is curriculum sale season. That means it is time to clean out the old, start looking for the new and consider future books you will use in your homeschool. Before you even consider spending money on more books, you need to get rid of some of the books you already accumulated.

Homeschoolers have books for everything, even if they do not need them. Are you one of those types of homeschooler? One thing you may find pride in is always being ready for any teaching moment. Pride aside, these tips of how to purge books you no longer use and those you think “you need” will cast doubt on another homeschool myth. Start now. Put your hand on the book and ask yourself these questions.

Are you currently using the book?

This question is salvation for some of you book lovers. It will allow those of you who can afford it (space and money) to keep your books. If you are certain you will be using a book at some point during your homeschool years keep it. You already purchased it, so there is no need to sell it to have to purchase it again.

homeschool book purgeDo you need the money (or space)?

This is always an incentive for selling a book. If you are not using it and need the money, sell it now. The book is not benefiting you financially or academically while sitting on a book shelf waiting to be used, some day. If you sell it, you will at least be able to use the money to purchase something you can and need to use now.

Did you get a good deal?

Assuming you need it and will use the book – If you purchased the book at a reasonable price or got a good deal (a really good deal), keep it. There are some deals that are just too good to pass up. Consider the book a good buy.

Can you purchase it again at a reasonable price?

Back to the previous question. If the going rate for the book new or used is affordable, let go of the book and purchase it again when you actually need it. Despite what some may tell you, books do not make the best shelf ornaments.

Can you get it at the library?

The dream of many homeschoolers is to have a home library. Unfortunately, most homeschoolers do nothomeschool book purge have the space to accommodate all of the books they would love to have in their home library. You can usually find any literature book at your local library. Some libraries are even expanding their catalogs to include school textbooks. If the book is available at your local library, sell the book you have and check it out instead. If the book is one your child will read more than once, it may be one to keep. If not, it is one to sell.

Is it a discontinued, hard to find or an older edition book?

Some of the best literature books are ones that are no longer being published. They may even be collectors’ items. If you are not a collector and the book is not that special, you know what to do. Also, if the book is a textbook, often information in the older edition is outdated and lacks the current information your child should be learning.

Is it a duplicate (or a triplicate)?

If you have ever purchased the same book more than once, know you are not alone. Unless you have more homeschool book purgethan one child using the same book (sharing a book among siblings is sometimes just too hard) or you are using it as a reference, you only need one copy of the book. Pick one copy and sell the other one.

Letting go can be hard.

As homeschoolers, it is not only baby clothes that hold favorite memories for us. There is the first book you ever read to your child as well as the first book they ever read to you. The book may be tattered from use, but the memories are fond. Books that were given to you by a close friend or to your child by a favorite aunt are keepers. Give yourself grace with those special books, but also be selective with what you decide to keep.

Reality – books and homeschoolers just go together and sometimes, that is just all right.

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