Homeschooling for the 21st Century – Part One.


Here is part one of a new article, culled out of my last webinar.  You can read part two at:

part two – homeschooling for the 21st century

At one of our blogs, a woman wrote to say that homeschooling isn’t what it was in Lincoln’s day, as if to say it is less effective today. Well, let’s use that great man as a sort of comparison point, or base line for the discussion at hand.

It is true; homeschooling is not the same as in Lincoln’s day.  Our values have changed, the reasons that people homeschool have changed.  In his day – there were no real public schools and few private schools. Tutoring was relatively costly. Lincoln was from a pretty poor family.  His log cabin origins are common knowledge.  In Lincoln’s time, people homeschooled because they had no other options.  Lincoln certainly did not have many options, being from a fairly poor family.

We picture Lincoln – the famous image, by firelight and reading borrowed books borrowed from lawyers under which he interned.  Abraham Lincoln was a man who made the most of everything he was given.  Would he work by candlelight today, with a few borrowed books and his own ingenuity to get him through?  Nope.  Today, Lincoln would use the resources available to him, as he did in his time.  In his time, resources included borrowed books and candles, when he could get them.  Read more….