I know it’s too simple to say God started all of this. But that’s really how we feel, and continue to feel. It was God who opened the door, assembled a terrific team, brought us amazing counselors, and provided our every need. Each step of the way, as a need presents itself, God has the answer. We were thinking about a new ministry to families. He was teaching us to trust.

Trusting God with HLA
HLA sign Trusting God with HLA has been a wonderful experience. Thanks to parents telling other parents about HLA we continue to enroll hundreds of new students every year. And every year we talk about ways to improve our ministry to home educators. If you have ideas we would love to hear from you. HLA’s reputation with the state and with colleges and universities is very good. We are so proud of the terrific parents who are part of HLA. Thank you for making HomeLife Academy what it is today.

This blog is about the ministry of HLA, the inner workings, and the desire of our hearts to fullfill the mission God gave to HLA: We believe that God gives every child unique and wonderful gifts to use for His glory and honor. Our mission is to inspire and equip parents to help develop those gifts.