Coming up with ways to make learning fun and still educational can sometimes be a challenge. If you are educating young children, it may be even more of a challenge as you look for ways to keep them from getting easily distracted. Using manipulatives can always make a difference.


Magnetic pom poms are a creative and fun tool that you my use in a number of ways to capture your child’s attention. They are handy for language arts and math learning, and your child does not have to be a kinesthetic learner to enjoy using them. Something else that is great, they are really easy for you to make.

Pom poms
Magnets with adhesive backs
Glue gun
Glue sticks
Metal baking sheet

You may choose any size of pom pom, but the one inch size may work better for all around use by your child. They also fit well on the magnet you will glue on the back of the pom pom.


Line the magnets on a metal baking sheet, so they will not slide around when you are gluing the pom poms. You can place glue on more than one magnet at a time, but be ready to place the pom pom on the magnet. The glue dries quickly and is very hot.


Once you have made the magnetic pom poms, allow them to sit for a few hours before use to give the glue time to dry completely.

Here are some ideas for your magnetic pomp poms:
Use them as placers for a game of phonetic or alphabetic BINGO.

Use them for basic math practice of addition and subtraction by choosing different colors of pom poms for the addend or subtrahend and sum or difference.

Use them to hang art work on the refrigerator, because you can never have too much artwork on that appliance.

It is even all right to allow your children to use them for play as they see fit.
Tell us some creative ways you would use magnetic pom poms.

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