The school books are closed. The children are outside playing. Dinner is waiting for someone (you) to prepare it. Has anyone asked you how you are doing today? Probably not, but if they did, you may have to tell them the truth. You are feeling absolutely miserable. Why? Because homeschooling is hard!

Deciding to homeschool was not an easy decision, but you knew it was the right one for your family. There were so many experiences you were looking forward to having with your children. Some included greeting their smiling faces in the morning and their eagerness to learn. Raised hands and patience when they needed help. Christian kindness and love towards each other, and today, none of that happened.

Instead, one child woke up on time, but irritable and another one cried because they did not want to do math, reading or any other subject you included in their lesson plan. You may have heard your voice raise several octaves (more than once) after having to explain the “same thing” (again) you covered earlier that morning. And, by the end of the school day, patience was nowhere to be found.

Does that sound anything like how your day went? If you homeschool, know you are going to have days just like that, because sometimes homeschooling is hard. Sometimes the school work is hard. Sometimes sibling relationships are hard. Sometimes parent-child relationships are hard. Sometimes, but not all of the time, you are going to have a hard day. Fortunately, days like that are fewer than the “perfect” days of homeschooling.

You know your children and you know yourself. So, before your school day begins or when you sense a good homeschool day turning into a bad one, head it off and turn the day around by trying these solutions:

Pray About It
No matter how cliché it sounds, prayer does work. Starting your school day with prayer does not guarantee the day will be smooth, but it places the Lord in front and on the minds of yourhow to survive a hard homeschool day children and you. One way to welcome the Lord into your school is to, each day, let one child pray before you begin. Another idea is to go around in a circle allowing everyone to pray. The one praying can share what is on their heart or choose a Bible verse that promotes the spirit you want everyone to focus on for that day. If you need some ideas for verses, visit the HLA Facebook page where a morning Bible verse is shared several days a week.

Take a Walk
Get up and get out when you sense your children (or you) are getting frustrated with their school work or each other. Of course, you want your children to always get along, but that may not happen. Closing the school books and putting down the pencils to go on a walk will be a nice break. Take a walk around the block where fresh air and adventure await. If the weather is not behaving, play follow the leader indoors and let each child take a turn leading.

Group Hugs
It is amazing what can happen when you come together as a family. You cannot get any closer than a hug. Gather around in a circle and hug it out (gently). Put a timer on and hug for one (or two, three or more) minute or until your arms tire. By the time you are done, you may see some smiles on their faces and a renewed energy to start having a better day.

Homeschooling may be hard, but it is worth every experience (the hard and good times) you will have along the way. Coming together as a family, away from school, can bring an end to those hard homeschool days or possibly help them never happen.

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