My brother is an internet marketing genius. My job used to be pretty predictable; I knew what my days would be like. But when Tyler came on full time last year all of that changed! Before he started working for HLA I didn't even know what SEO was or stood for. Now "Search Engine Optimization" is part of my daily vocabulary, and you can find HLA showing up in searches for "homeschooling in CO" and other states. Before Tyler came on board I just answered my emails. Now I answer constant threads on a Facebook Fan Page, an HLA Twitter Account, and now starting on a Yahoo Page.

In between posts and updates I'm brainstorming with Tyler on new website and sister business ideas to help boost HLA's ministry to families. We have a so many items in que to work on now we have to have a google doc shared between us to keep up with priorities. More fun stuff is the many new designs for ads he is creating, pictures and logos for everything from future T-Shirts to Magazine Ads. I thought things would slow down some once we got the new website up and running before Christmas. Boy was I wrong. And boy am I thankful!  :-)  Thanks, Bro! It's a real blast working with you. God is so good.


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