Important Update on Grade Reporting System


Yes, we are STILL introducing our very own grade reporting system this 2011/2012 school year.
The new system IS built into our Member Login. And YES, we are very excited AND very close! Here is a 2nd preview:

AppleCore 2nd Preview

Last month we made some changes that were very important, primarily in the way course titles are organized. We added Categories and rebuilt the data base structure around them. This important change needed to be made before proceeding to enter course titles, and setting up high school credits.

The TARGET date for final grades is June 15th of each year. This is just a target date, put in place to encourage timely reporting. AppleCore will be ready in time for reporting year-end grade reporting for 2011/2012 school year, at which time you can go back and put in the fall semester and even previous years. We are very close. Stay tuned for more information very soon.

A lot of time is going into making the new grade reporting system super user friendly and super duper integrated with our current “back office” system. The end result is going to solve several problems all in one fell swoop! So we do not want to rush the release — but wait until we are confident you are going to LOVE it just as much as we do!!

We understand that some families are getting a little anxious for this to be ready. Thank you for your patience. We believe that it will be worth the wait. 🙂

The initial version will include basic grade and attendance reporting, and there will be continual development to add features and improvements as we receive feedback from you, the user!

We thank you and are honored that you trust us with the privilege of maintaining your homeschooling records and are committed to continually improving our service to you and your family.



  • If your student is graduating in 2012 please use the HSRO system to finish out. This way we will not experience any sort of gaps or mistakes this close to graduation. We believe it is best to have all graduates of 2012 go ahead and finish out with HSRO.
  • If you need a transcript for any purpose please use the HSRO system to enter grades. Then login to our Member Login and request a transcript through the request manager.
Is your HSRO account expired and you are not sure why? Click here for HSRO Grade Reporting Site Renewal Information.