Graduation requirements for International students* living abroad.

*These graduation requirements apply ONLY to non-US citizens living outside the United States.  US ex-patriots, US military, US missionaries, and any other US citizens living internationally must still adhere to one of our other graduation paths.

Foreign nationals attending HLA have the flexibility to continue their education in accordance with the customs of the country of residence. Students already fluent in English can study traditional high school English courses. Students who need English as a Second Language can study this to complete the English credit requirements. English credits do not cover any language other than English.  ALL OTHER LANGUAGE CREDITS, even if it is your native language, are considered  Foreign Language credits on the HLA transcript. Please add them as an Elective/Foreign Language credit. Literary study for your specific country will be considered as an elective credit.

Foreign national students are not required to take US History. Students may study the history of the country of residence as one of the Social Studies credits instead of taking US History. US History is only required for US Citizens/Families.  Also, if you are using a Social Studies curriculum that covers Geography or Civics each year then enter those courses into Applecore as Geography 09, Geography 10, Civics 09, Civics 10, etc.

If your country integrates Algebra with Geometry and Trigonometry, you may title those courses Integrated Math I II III and IV. Other math courses may be taken as needed.

Science courses can be combined as needed depending on the curriculum being used. For example, Integrated Chemistry and Physics (1 credit); Advanced Integrated Chemistry-Physics (1 credit); Integrated Bio-Chem-Phys. I II III (1 credit each); Biology (.5 credit); Chemistry (.5 credit). If the curriculum you are using includes Biology or Physics every year of High School then list the course as Biology 09, Biology 10, etc and Physics 09, Physics 10, etc.

Personal Finance: Any .5 credit, 1 semester course that teaches about how to handle money and covers topics such as saving, budgeting, taxes, etc.

Electives: Choose any 6 Electives.


1 credit = A full year of study or (150 hours).

.5 credit = A semester of study or (75 hours).

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Refer to the Course Guide & Electives for a list of other courses that may be considered.

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