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When a new school year rolls around, you probably get excited about what you are going to teach your child. Well, why not? Learning is exciting and fun. With around 180 days of school (or more if you homeschool year-round) ahead of you, that is just enough time for anyone to learn something new. How about you?

Each year, you set goals for your child to complete in a number of subjects. You want them to become proficient in those areas, so they can be promoted to the next grade. You teach, they learn and they become capable enough to move to the next level. That is pretty much how learning occurs. Well, it can work the same way for you, too. This school year can be the year you start learning again.

If you ask any homeschool parent, they may tell you there is just not enough time to work one more thing into their schedule. Homeschooling is a big responsibility, which takes a lot of time and energy to complete. Depending on where you are in your homeschool season – with younger children who are one hundred percent dependent on your instruction or with older children who work more independently – going to school full-time (and even part-time) may not be an option for you. Fortunately, there is one thing about learning: it can happen anywhere and over any period of time.

Technology has presented more opportunities for those who want to continue their education, but are unable to go to a brick and mortar location.

Learning now can come close to home and right at your fingertips. There are a number of colleges and universities (across the country and some internationally) that offer online study and credit-based courses that lead to a certificate or degree in certain fields. If a certificate or degree is your goal, start searching for schools that offer courses in your area of interest.

For the joy of learning, there are online resources for continuing education. Some of those include websites like edX, MIT OpenCourseWare and The Great Courses. A few of those sites do have courses that will also allow you to earn a credit toward a degree.

If you need to sharpen your skills in some of the academic areas you will be teaching your child in school, take a look at Khan Academy. Many homeschool parents use the academy as either a supplement to their school or as full curriculum. If you use Khan Academy in your school and it works well for your child, the courses may work just as well for you.

Another great resource is YouTube. Who would have thought a video-sharing website would become a go-to location for learning just about anything? Although there are tons of silly videos on YouTube, there are just as many, if not more, great educational ones to enhance your learning.

Once you decide your learning goals, set your own schedule to complete the work at a pace that is manageable to you. Study through the school year completing a quarter or semester of study like your child. Sit with them and work on your own studies or you can learn right along with them with what they are studying this school year. It sets a great example for your child, and it may encourage you to be more diligent about your own learning as you encourage them to learn too.

Take some time this school year. Learn something new and allow yourself to excel. What you learn will not only be great for you, but will benefit your child too. The more you know, the more you will be able to share with your child and improve their educational experience. Do not let this school year pass without learning something new!

Are you working on continuing education or towards a degree? What would you like to study now or after you graduate your youngest child?

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