Christians now have more family-friendly options with the number of faith-based films that continue to be released each year. One of those is the soon-to-be released film Let There Be Light, which opens in theaters across the country on Friday, October 27.

Let There Be Light the movie

Synopsis ~ World-famous atheist Dr. Sol Harkens (Kevin Sorbo) delights in debating and defeating Christians, but is emotionally empty. Isolated from Katy (Sam Sorbo), the wife he divorced following the harrowing loss of their first son, and a lousy part-time dad to their two younger boys, his self-destruction culminates in a car crash that leaves him clinically dead for four minutes. The four-word message from that experience challenges his convictions, sending him into a panicked tailspin. Reluctantly leaning on his family’s forgiveness, love and faith, Sol struggles to find meaning and purpose in the words “Let There Be Light”.

You may already be familiar with Keven Sorbo who graced our television screens in the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys series and more recently starred in the movie God’s Not Dead. Sorbo not only plays the role of Dr. Sol Harkens, but directs and co-produces Let There Be Light with his wife, Sam, who conceptualized and co-wrote the film. This movie is a family affair with the Sorbo sons, Braeden (Gus Harkens) and Shane (Conner Harkens), joining the cast. Sean Hannity, who is the executive producer of the film, makes an appearance in the movie as himself. Dionne Warwick and Travis Tritt also appear in the film.

Let There Be Light opens in theaters across the country on Friday, October 27. Find a theater near you.

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