HLA has a flexible high school plan that can accommodate your student’s goals regardless if those goals involve entering directly into the workforce, carrying on a family business or starting your own. Your student may want to follow the Lord into the ministry through missions, travel abroad, or become a homemaker. We want students to customize an education that fits each student’s goals and prepares them for the future. LifeChoice Path is ideal for students whose post-secondary plan does not require formal continuing education. If you student’s plan includes continuing education at a post-secondary institution, please check admissions requirements. Your student may need to follow one of our other Paths. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure the student gets all the courses necessary to meet post-secondary goals. For those looking for a different kind of educational experience, check out blue collar homeschool. If your student is unsure what he/she wants to do upon graduation, this career assessment might be helpful. 

Planning Sheets are available for you to use as a tool when planning for high school. We have two planning sheet options available. Choose the one that best fits your need.

Additional math course options for seniors

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1 credit = A full year of study or (150 hours)
0.5 credit = A semester of study or (75 hours)

Refer to the Course Guide & Electives and Fields of Study for a list of other courses that may be considered.