Student Timeline – LifeChoice Path  

Concerning ALL students

  • This timeline is for those students who does not plan to continue with formal education in a post-secondary institution upon graduation from HLA.
  • If you are unsure which path is the best fit for your student, a career assessment might be helpful.
  • Your student will receive one annual Transcript Review each year beginning in the spring of 9th-grade continuing each year through graduation. 
  • The Transcript Review should be used when planning for the next school year.

  1. Complete a High School Planning Sheet.
  2. Request your 9th-grade Transcript Review in the fall. These will be completed in the order they are received.  
  3. Make any corrections based on your student’s Transcript Review.
  4. Review Graduation Requirements.
  5. Review the LifeChoice Path information on our website.
  6. Use your student’s 9th-grade Transcript Review to plan 10th-grade courses. 

  1. Use your student’s 9th-grade Transcript Review to plan 10th-grade courses
  2. Request your 10th-grade Transcript Review win the fall. 
  3. Compare the Transcript Review with your Planning Sheet. 
  4. Make necessary corrections in Applecore ASAP
  5. When your student is ready, request a Driver’s License Form  (14 business days) before needed.
  6. Help your student identify strengths and passions. 
  7. Use your 10th-grade Transcript Review when planning for 11th-grade. 

  1. Use your student’s 10th-grade Transcript Review to plan 11th-grade courses.
  2. Watch for your upcoming 11th-grade Transcript Review sometime during the 11th-grade year.
  3. Compare the transcript review with student’s planning sheet. 
  4. Make corrections ASAP.
  5. Make note of any remaining courses needed to meet graduation requirements.
  6. Check with your local homeschool organization concerning graduation activities as some organizations require membership prior to the senior year.
  7. Use the 11th-grade Transcript Review when planning for 12th-grade.

  2. Use your student’s 11th-grade Transcript Review to plan 12th-grade courses.
  3. Watch for your student’s 12th-grade Transcript Review sometime during his/her 12th-grade year.
  4. Compare the Transcript Review with your student’s High School Planning Sheet.
  5. Make any needed corrections ASAP.
  6. Students can do a 5th-year if needed to meet graduation requirements or other goals. 


  1. Request your student’s diploma once all high school courses and requirements are complete, and final grades are entered into AppleCore. Include the student’s name and date of graduation in your request.
  2. Request Final transcripts to be sent to the college or other post-secondary programs AFTER you have requested the diploma.
  3. URGENT – Make sure all courses, course titles, grades, and credits are 100% correct in Applecore.
  4. NO revisions will be allowed once HLA has sent official transcripts and the diploma.
  5. Refer to Graduation Ceremonies for more information on ordering graduation accessories.