I just took a quick look at Rebecca Spooner’s curriculum, Gather Round Homeschool. In her intro, the author says something so important that I really wanted to share with you guys:

She says she heard that homeschooling was hard. That this was normal. I’m paraphrasing here, but that’s the general idea. She thought it had to be chaotic. But she could not reconcile that with a God who said we should live life abundantly. And that totally resonated with me!

I’ve been homeschooling since 1983, with nine kids ranging from gifted to severe special needs. I never, ever wanted homeschooling to make any of us miserable! If that happened, I would drop the whole idea in a heartbeat! I wanted to homeschool to be together with my kids, to enjoy their childhoods, to share my interests with them and help them develop theirs. I absolutely, in no way, would make it about finishing a math page, or struggling with a concept for years that they would pick up easily when they were developmentally ready.

I feel sad when parents can’t see the joy. I feel bad that some parents don’t understand the freedom they have to not teach like the public school. I feel awful that some parents expect to argue, struggle, cry—over “curriculum”! I’m on my last homeschooler now. All but one of my adult children who are capable of leaving the nest have done so. I can honestly, truthfully say that I have not spent ONE DAY in over 35 years of homeschooling, struggling to try and fit my child into the set agenda. I have never made them do “homework”, work on “days off” to “catch up”, or had them sit on the sidelines doing bookwork when those around them were playing. Wouldn’t even consider doing that!

Parents, please find your joy! Live life ABUNDANTLY!

  • Marilyn