Writing. Your child is either going to love it or hate it. Sometimes, there is a happy medium where they will enjoy it for a moment and complete an impressive writing assignment. But, usually, given the option, many may lean towards the “I prefer not to write” side of the issue.

Whether your child enjoys writing or not, it will play a very important part in their academic education. The fact is the skill of writing is necessary in just about every subject, not just in English. If you want to make writing fun or at least appear to be fun, you must get creative. Thinking outside of the box or outside of a mandatory assignment may get your child writing a little more than they already do. These are some ideas that can make that happen.

Review a Book or Movie
Reading is another one of those subjects that involve love and hate, but we will save that for another conversation. Find a book your child enjoyed reading or a movie they enjoyed watching and let them write a review of either or both. Let them read the book, then watch the movie {} and have them compare and contrast storylines, characters, presentation, etc.

Start a Blog
Give them their own personal presence on the Internet and let them write anything (almost anything) they want. Blogs started as online diaries, but have grown to become so much more. Take it back to the basics and let your child write about themselves or a subject that interests them. If you have concerns about them posting content online, they may password protect their blog or just keep an offline blog, which is visible only to them. They do not need an audience. Tell them to just write!

Make a Pen Pal
Ah, a handwritten letter. Do you remember those? There are a lot of children who have never handwritten a letter in their lives. E-mail was and now texting is the preferred mode of communication for many young people. Granted, texting can connect you with people all over the world, but a text usually lacks substance, because of tiny screens and tired fingers from typing what you really want to say. Help your child find a friend across the country or around the world. If you are a member of a Facebook homeschool group, there are usually some parents who have children who would love to connect with yours. You may also check out some other online options like and PenPal World {}. Please do monitor your child’s communication with people whom they are friending.

Let Them Be Critics (or another review)
Most children have opinions about something (everything), so let them write about it. They may critique the food they ate at a restaurant; the clothes they wore, a field trip they took, if you travel, a hotel where your family stayed. Remind them that if they are critical, they should also offer positive suggestions on how to improve whatever they are critiquing.

Report the Story
Quick on the beat and first with the story is how reporters like to share the news with their audience. This can be a fun one with your child reporting on their day (ex: all of the happenings in your home, etc.). They will be the first one with the scoop and will be able to get personal interviews from the people involved (ex: family members) to tell the story. Encourage them to take pictures or video to include with their final draft of the story they report.

Teach Them How It Is Done
Let your child write about something they enjoy doing. Have them write the steps or the process of the experience. Do they love climbing trees? Do they love playing video games? Do they love playing a sport? They can write the directions or instructions of how to play the game, complete the task, etc. Tell them to include, from their experience, the best, safest and most efficient ways to complete whatever they are teaching. If they want to put their instruction on video, have them write the script for the video.

As your child is working through their ideas, feel free to critique their work, but keep the corrections minimal. The idea is to get them writing and one of these ideas could make that difference.

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