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If you love math, teaching it through the elementary school years will be easy. Moving into middle school math will flow fine, too. For others, teaching math is complicated from the start. By the time they reach upper elementary school math and move into middle and high school, teaching math becomes a challenge. Math Essentials meets students (and their parents) in upper elementary school and carries them through high school algebra with products that make learning and teaching math easy and fun.

Math Essentials has a complete line of products that include books, DVDs, digital downloads and online video instruction. The products are geared towards students in fourth grade through high school. They are comprehensive in content, thorough in instruction and include lessons that are able to be completed in as little as 20 minutes a day.

The real bonuses are the online video tutorials and DVD instruction that complements the Mastering Essential Math Skills books. Math instructor Rick Fisher, author of the Math Essentials products, provides step-by-step examples for solving the problems in each lesson. Although Fisher is detailed in his teaching, the lessons are concise and focused. He sees no need for students to spend hours studying or the need to complete multiple problems to master a math concept. The review and sample exercises, speed drills, helpful hints and access to Fisher’s video tutorials allow students to work independently through the lessons.

Fisher has a B.A. in mathematics and has taught math to elementary school students for more than 31 years. He incorporated his math resources into the classroom, which resulted in many of his students excelling and easily moving into algebra. The No-Nonsense Algebra book is a highly recommended study for students preparing for the SAT. Fisher’s confidence in his products is shown with his unconditional money back guarantee if you do not see improvement in your student’s math skills.

Other books broadly cover concepts like whole numbers, fractions, ratios and proportions, probability and statistics, problem solving and coordinate systems. Math Essentials also has a series of books that concentrate on specific concepts like geometry, fractions, and decimals and percents.

If you are a parent who needs to brush up on your math skills for teaching your child, are preparing for re-entering the workforce or GED or other testing, Math Essentials has the Math Refresher for Adults book. Online video tutorials are also included with that study.

If you love math, you will appreciate the comprehensive and “no-fluff” presentation of the Math Essentials products. If math is a challenge, you will appreciate being able to hand over the teaching responsibility to an experienced math instructor. It is just like having a personal tutor on hand.

Math is essential in your homeschool and Math Essentials makes math easy for your child to understand and learn, and easy for you to teach.

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