HLA continues to grow we also continue to be blessed with new staff.
We’d like to introduce the newest staff members of HLA to you in this
newsletter and tell you a little bit about them and what they do to
serve your family. 


In This Issue
Meet the Staff

David and Nathan

Nathan with Daddy

Children are a Joy! That’s why we continue to do this. I enjoy just thinking about you enjoying your children.

Our staff works hard everyday. HLA has really grown! But everyday we are delighted to think about what a blessing it is for you to have your children at home.

been especially blessed this year by God’s faithfulness. As HLA grew so
much this last year there were several times I wondered how we would
get it all done. Then God brought us just the right person for the job. If we watch for Him, He renews our faith day by day.

Children are a delight! What
a blessing to have young lives in our care. What a privilege to train
them up in the way they should go. All the money in the world could not
buy happiness. True JOY comes from the heart of God and flows through
us to our sons and daughters.

May your year be full of His power and grace. And may you feel His presence each and every step of the way.

David Parkerson


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Nicole Dickson

starts June 15th! She’ll be helping Jenn and Ken with transcripts,
entering high school records, and taking phone calls. She has some
great experience working with people. In her spare time she’s working
on EMT training. She’ll be a great addition to the HLA team.


Jenn Dickerson Records Dept. Supervisor


Jenn Dickerson“I graduated as a home schooler myself, so I really enjoy being able to
help others have that same opportunity. Around HLA, I do a little bit
of everything, from signing Dual Enrollment forms and transcripts, to
answering the phones, to helping parents input grades. It’s a great joy
to work at HLA and I hope and pray we also are a blessing to your
has actually been with us a while, and works everyday in our main
office, making sure the records dept. is in great shape. We are SO
blessed by her! She completes all sorts of requests from parents, and
still finds time to help everyone else in the office. In short, she’s




Ken Shreeve Administrative Assistant


Ken Shreeve

comes to us with many years of home education experience, including
work with Middle Tennessee Home Education Association. He and his wife,
Tina, have three beautiful children. After working as a land surveyor
he is thrilled to turn his volunteer time as a homeschool supporter
into a full time job with HLA! He’s now my right-hand man, I guess you
could say. And I’m SO very blessed. You’ll see him at curriculum fairs
this summer so be sure shake hands with our new Administrative



Rushie Dickerson Records Assistant


Rushie Dickerson  “I process the mail entering checks, grades, records and anything
else that comes in! I look forward to being able to serve in anyway I
can to the homeschooling families.”
Rushie is a great help. She’s the reason you get such quick responses through email. rushie@homelifeacademy.com

Joy Williamson Records Assistant


Joy Williamson bstJoy is simply a.. JOY! Her husband, Lynn,
worked for HLA last year and now we are equally blessed to have Joy’s
terrific smile and happy personality around the office. She’s learning
a little bit of everything and works part time as she takes a break
from running a small library!                     joy@homelifeacademy.com



Amy Dickerson Records Assistant


Amy DickersonAmy
is a fantastic help in the records office. She started earlier this
year and helps with all sorts of things…too many to list in fact. She
also brings to HLA experience with video and photo editing. So we’re
putting her to work on some content for the new website, due out this



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