A few years ago we began to see a rise in international enrollees. Most were coming in because our fees are low, our aim is flexibility, and our service is mostly online. And we are delighted to help in other countries. Two years ago I met Mike Donnelly in Denver at the Expo there. I went over to make sure we did NOT have to require testing in CO; he was more than helpful (not just because he said we most certainly do NOT), and he was supportive. He and I later talked about how to better word the CO pages of our website and direct our service there. Then, last year he called to ask if I could do a conference call with a leader in Brazil. The gentleman in Brazil was a leader in his church and community, with a couple dozen families or so working together to homeschool, and just wanted a good option for registration and the ability to choose their own (inexpensive) curriculum. So our relationship with HSLDA and our growth in other countries is now something I regularly take before the Lord. Should we open the doors more, and streamline and customize our registration for international homeschoolers? This has been our prayer. We desire to serve families everywhere, but we want for God to open the doors and lead us.

Well, yesterday morning I talked to Mike on the phone about our service in other countries. He contacted me last week about our participation in a “Global Homeschool Congress” and another need he had with a homeschool family in Poland. Turns out we could certainly help the family in Poland. They just need an official diploma from a US, state-recognized school. As for the service to international homeschoolers at large I emailed Mike and asked this question:

  • “Do you think HomeLife Academy has a unique service to homeschoolers internationally? If so, in your opinion, what is it? If not, are there ways we could adapt our services in order to better serve those families?”

He emailed me back: “Delighted to hear flrom you David. Would you like to chat tomorrow or Friday? I do think you have an internationally viable service. Blessings! Mike ”
Michael P Donnelly
HSLDA Staff Attorney

Once on the phone he said he thinks:

  1. We CAN be more intentional and offer services similar to https://www.clonlara.org/home/international%20 but at a fraction of the cost.
  2. He also believes our niche is the same internationally: that we allow parents to choose their own books, etc.; that we provide professional diplomas, transcripts, etc., and that we work to customize them based on parent’s needs.

Ken and I are praying about our future growth in other countries and being more intentional, as well as our participation in the Global Congress. Regardless, in the end, I felt like the implications of this are much more far reaching than just this conference; it has the potential to really launch us in a very professional way. I’m excited that HSLDA sees us as a “viable” resource and is coming to us for help with these. We’ll continue to pray and ask God to direct our steps. Please pray, too. There are a growing number of families around the world seeking to escape the “system” of school. And perhaps God has a greater role for us to play.

Take a look at this video. Pretty sweet testimony from a genuine guy: