Military Enlistment

Important information:

Homeschoolers need to make clear that their education program was parent supervised and directed, and that any “umbrella school” type program was just a supplement or aide to the parent taught home education program. If your student is attending HLA, you will list HLA as the student’s school and HLA will send an Official Transcript. The parent will NOT send the transcript. Contact Edie for additional information.

NOTE: All correspondence, online, or umbrella schools, if they truly were not parent-directed, will be placed in Tier 2 status.
Note: Under no circumstances should you have your homeschool graduate obtain a GED in order to enlist because the military will use this to automatically place your child as a Tier 2 enlistee.

Recommended Resources:

March 2 Success is an online test preparation course that will provide help with taking standardized tests, and improve math and English skills. March 2 Success is free. The program is developed by the Army and will help prepare students for: assessment examinations, college entrance examinations, trade school entrance tests, military entrance test, and applying for a job.

Military Training Programs and Homeschooling