Modified Path

The Modified Path is designed for high school students who struggle in Math and Reading. These students are very bright students who are capable of learning but may need one or more courses modified in order to meet high school graduation requirements. These students will likely enter the workforce or continue with their education after graduation. Since HLA offers such a flexible program and does not automatically graduate students at a specific age, special needs students are able to continue their enrollment with HLA through age 22 (sometimes longer) in order to complete the graduation requirements. If longer time is needed please call. Counselors are available to assist you with your Education Plan or Personalized Course of Study. Modified Path is not eligible for early graduation (before age 17 and/or less than 4 years of high school).  Students who are on an elementary level will be a likely candidate for our Certificate of Completion.

HLA does not require a standard IEP like traditional schools because all HLA students have their own unique individualized learning plan as part of Goal-based Planning. See below for planning sheets and a student timeline available to help you with high school planning. There are two planning sheet options available. Choose the planning sheet that you find the most useful.

IMPORTANT: Students needing ACT accommodations should contact Crystal via email before the student’s senior year. Please refer to our ACT page for additional information.

Modifications are NOT the same as accommodations.

Accommodations: With accommodations, the material is still covered at grade level, and all the original content is covered. The student is taking normal high school level courses on grade level but you accommodate the student’s learning style. In the same way, a person who is visual or hearing impaired may need special tools, resources, or accommodations to hear or see lessons. Examples would be using movies or audiobooks instead of reading. Allowing more time on assignments. Using a speech to text program for students with writing or motor skill issues. Allowing a spell checker or a calculator. You are providing tools that help meet the student’s learning style or specific need.

Modification: With modifications, the course content is changed or modified. The content covered is not the original content that would normally be covered either because the course content is on a lower grade level, the content does not go into as much depth as the regular course, the assignment requirements are reduced or are on a lower level, projects and other assignments have been skipped or reduced compared to normal course content.  

How to title courses

In the case of modified courses, the course title should correspond with the content and indicate the course was modified. To determine how to best title your courses follow these guidelines:

Ask yourself these questions concerning your student’s courses:

  • Is your student taking the standard course that most other students would be taking, such as Algebra I, with little or no changes to the course?
    • If yes: Use that course title.
  • Is the course being modified or changed such as doing easier math problems or fewer math problems?  
    • If the course has been changed to a lower level or the student is completing less content, title the course Modified Algebra 1.
  • Is the course a lower level course such as a middle school level Biology, English or Math?
    • If yes, title the courses according to the content when possible such as Intro Biology, Basic Math, or English Foundations.
    • If the middle school level course is also being changed or modified, title the course Modified Biology, Modified Basic Math or Modified English Foundations.
  • Example 1:

A 9th-grade student needs a 7th-grade Biology book in order to understand the content. Since the content is not on grade level and would cover less content than a typical high school Biology course, the proper title of this course would be titled Intro to Biology. If that 7th-grade course was also modified such as doing fewer assignments, skipping projects and labs, skipping difficult chapters, then the course would be title Modified Intro Biology.

  • Example 2:

A high school student needs fundamental Math and English lessons and is not able to do a standard Algebra 1 or high school English course. These courses would be titled Math Foundations and English Foundations (Modified would be included in the title if the course was further modified).

  • Examples of modified course titles:
    • Alternative English, Modified English, Modified English Foundations 9,10,11,12
    • General Science, Modified General Science, Modified Intro Biology, Modified Life Science, Life Science
    • Math Foundations, Modified Math Foundations, Modified Basic Math, Modified General Math
    • Reading Comprehension, Modified Language Arts
    • General History,
    • You will have to type in your specific course title as these courses will not be listed in the course drop-down menu of Applecore. Just look for the “Can’t Find Course” button.

We have planning sheets and a student timeline available to help you with high school planning. There are two planning sheet options available. Choose the planning sheet that you find the most useful.

Additional math course options for seniors

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1 credit = A full year of study or (150 hours)
0.5 credit = A semester of study or (75 hours)

Refer to the Course Guide & Electives for a list of other courses that may be considered.

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