A question recently asked by a mom on our HLA Facebook page received some great responses from other moms:laptop-hands

“I am looking for a complete home school curriculum that can be used for multiple grades (K..1st and 3rd grades) I really dislike trying to piece it all together and it would be so much easier and less stressful for us all if i could find something we all could use and do class together … the little ones are always wanting to do what the older 3rd grader is doing so any help or advice would be appreciated ..thanks.”

This is a common need for homeschool families. Most moms are tackling the challenge of trying to teach multiple grade levels at once. A lot of moms jumped in with responses, and we found a few suggestions were especially popular:

My Father’s World

This company offers everything you will need for students from preschool to 8th grade, unit-study based, and all focused on a Biblical worldview. Stated on their website, their goal is “Raising Up Generations of Families Who See the World Through God’s Eyes and Live According to That Knowledge.” They offer a Family Learning Cycle that will allow you to teach multiple levels together up to 8th grade.

We like My Father’s World. Our 4 yo can participate with our 2nd grader as well even though she has her grade level as well in MFW – Karine

My Father’s World…. Excellent. The kids would love the Geography. It is called Exploring Countries and Cultures. It would give you a “plan” and the science, history, Bible, and other can be done by all of the grades together. The only thing you would have to do separate is the English and Math – Starr

My Fathers World! – Tara


Easy-Peasy All-in-One Homeschool

This completely FREE, all-online curriculum was created by a mom in her efforts to put her own children’s assignments online. On her website, she says, “While it has made our school days run very smoothly, my grander goal is to enable other families to homeschool, especially anyone feeling like they couldn’t because of time or money pressures.” Easy Peasy covers all grade levels through high school, and you can use it for every subject or choose certain ones. When teaching multiple grade levels, you simply select one of several program years so that you can teach social studies and science to your children as a group.

Easy peasy for sure. – Missie

I like allinonehomeschool.com. – Cindy

I agree. Easy Peasy allinonehomeschool.com – Amanda



Sonlight offers complete, “Christ-centered, literature-rich curriculum”; everything is centered around books and stories. They cover all grades through high school. It offers options to teach some of the subjects together by using the same core curriculum for multiple children.

Sonlight has different core that can be combined to different kids. – Ness

We use Sonlight Curriculum and I understand it works quite well for multiple ages. I know it is all in one place, and easy to use. – AmyLyn

So what works best for your family? Comment and tell us, and always feel free to share any questions or curriculum recommendations on our Facebook! #iHeartHLA