Enjoy Homeschooling!

This 10-week series has been fun to write and hopefully has been helpful for new homeschooling families to read. We have received a few messages stating how much this series has helped families realize the joy of homeschooling and given them practical advice to be implemented in their own routines, and we are so grateful!

Homeschooling really is great. Just as simple as that: it’s great. Of course it has its challenges and difficulties but in our experience the good far outweighs the bad. You have the opportunity to spend the majority (if not the entire) day with your children. You get to guide what they ingest and put into their brains, which is something most parents do not get to do when their children are enrolled in a traditional school. They have more time throughout the day to do things that they genuinely enjoy doing such as dance class or sports. At HLA, they only have to be in school for four hours a day which is comparably better than the required eight at a public or private school. Your children get to learn and go deeper into what actually interests them, which means that they will more than likely love learning. There are so many reasons to love homeschooling, let’s take advantage of all of them together!