Do What is Best for You and Your Family

The important thing to remember throughout this brand new homeschooling journey is this: overall, you know your family better than anyone else. The decisions that you make might be drastic or different than anything else you have done—anyone else ever called “Slime Making” their science class for a full week? Grandparents might not understand why you chose this path, and friends may question your motives. When doubt and fear trickle in, take a moment, pray, and remember to do what is best for your family.

You Know what your Family Needs

Look at all of the advice columns that you want, but in the end, trust your instincts. You are raising your children and creating your home environment, so of course you know what they need to thrive and succeed. It is okay if your children do not fit into the mold that society has created. Who cares if your son understands math on a 6th grade level but is reading on a 10th grade level? If your daughter requires an extra hands-on technique to master a specific subject, then by all means listen to her and forget what everyone else says. 

Be Confident in your Decisions

Even the most confident homeschool parents will falter occasionally. Sometimes you just need to hear this from someone: you made the right decision. If your choices were bathed in prayer and a peace was felt when you started down this path, you made the correct decision. Maybe another veteran homeschool mom convinced you that Sonlight was absolutely “the best thing ever,” but once you started, you discovered that your children respond better to pursuing their interests with the unschooling method instead of a structured curriculum. Even if every other homeschooling family you know is using Charlotte Mason approach, you are making the right choice with unschooling because it’s right for you. Be confident in that!

Your Family will Thank you for It

In the midst of your anxiety and worry about doing everything just right, give yourself some grace. Remember that the Bible says, “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself” (Matt. 6:34). If we are to serve God faithfully in the present, then that needs to be our focus. Also, remember that, while it may seem far off, there is a reward waiting for you at the end of this path. You will find that reward in the gratitude of your children as they grow. Your children might be too young to really appreciate what you’re doing for them. Or, they might be in that teenage stage where they only care about their friends and their phone. 

Either way, your children will be forever grateful as a result of the time and energy you put into their education. As your kids get older, they will realize the time and effort you exerted. The extra time and energy that you spend finding the perfect curriculum or making sure that they truly understand the math problem in front of them will make a difference in the long run. Stick with it. 

No one understands your family like you do. No other person in this world knows the intricacies of your home life and children in the same way that you know them. This means that you have the authority to make these decisions for your family and household. If this choice is different than every other family’s choice then so be it. Make that choice for your family.


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