Adjust Accordingly


You have the freedom to change whatever needs to be changed. Especially if you are a HomeLife Academy family, you have the freedom and flexibility to edit or change anything in your routine or schedule. Unlike a public or private school, you can adjust based on observation. Maybe you are noticing that your child is more of a hands-on learner, but your curriculum is geared more towards an auditory learner. Adjust accordingly! How great is that?

There is a certain level of freedom that comes with homeschooling. We are able to take afternoons off or let our kids sleep in and still get a full day of schooling in. We can take a really fun, overnight field trip that a bus full of kids would not have the time to take if they were in traditional school. Knowing that you can make necessary changes that fit your child’s needs can give you a sense of relaxation and independence. You are completely in charge of how your child learns, and that freedom should provide a degree of relief.