CollegePlus! Scholarship Contest
Homeschool students possess unique potential to achieve academic excellence, especially at the high school and college level.

Despite this potential, finances or aversion to debt are two common factors that prevent homeschoolers from earning dual credit or pursuing their college degree.

Nationwide Scholarship Contest

To inspire your student to earn dual credit or their fully accredited college degree—without debt—CollegePlus!, the most trusted dual credit and college option for homeschoolers, has launched a nationwide scholarship contest.

Click here for complete scholarship details and how your student can enter the contest.

Scholarship Contest Details

CollegePlus! students earn dual credit and their college degree with zero debt. It works. CollegePlus! would like to help your student earn dual credit or their college degree debt-free by giving them the opportunity to win a scholarship.

To enter the contest, all your student has to do is submit an essay. Click here for the essay topic and submission instructions.

Choose to Write a Video or Written EssayThe essay can be crafted the way your student communicates best—a video or written essay will be accepted.

By submitting an essay, your student will automatically win a scholarship from CollegePlus! for participating in the contest.

The grand prize scholarships are worth over $3,000 each. CollegePlus! is also awarding $1,000 scholarships and free iPads.

Click here for essay submission instructions and details on the scholarship contest.

If you're not interested in the scholarship contest but would like more info about CollegePlus!, please click here.

The CollegePlus! Team

P.S. Please forward this email or pass on the information to a fellow homeschooler who may be interested in the scholarship contest.

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