Pictured (l-r): Brian Eubanks and Bryanna Cash with WTHSA Director Lance Cummins.

Pictured (l-r): Brian Eubanks and Bryanna Cash with WTHSA Director Lance Cummins.

It has been a very long time coming, but West Tennessee finally has a sports and activities association just for your homeschooled child. The West TN Homeschool Sports and Activities (WTHSA) association has been created and has already selected coaches for the girls’ volleyball and the boys’ basketball teams. Bryanna Cash and Brian Eubanks not only bring their athletic skills to the court, but are looking forward to laying the foundation of a competitive Christian homeschool athletic league in West Tennessee.

Bryanna and Brian attended the WTHSA interest meeting that was held earlier this month to meet parents and answer questions about the two teams that will first represent the association. Both coaches have experience playing in their respective sports. Brian has also coached YMCA and travel basketball for several years. Although this will be Bryanna’s first time coaching volleyball, she, just like Brian, ooze enthusiasm, which can only trickle to the players they will coach.

“It will be an opportunity for them to get a full rounded experience – spiritually, physically and athletically. They will be able to find what they are looking for with us and I think as we continue to grow and add programs, that will be awesome for us and our community,” said Brian, who has an eighth grade son, Seth, who plays multiple sports and will be trying out for the basketball team. “The association will allow us to coordinate things a bit better than it has been, because we (homeschoolers) don’t have any options right now.”

“I think the West Tennessee area will love having the option for their homeschool student to play competitive sports. It is something that parents can have a say in and get involved,” said Bryanna, who played volleyball in high school. “We have had a lot of questions about starting something like this and I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of WTHSA’s beginning!”

Both coaches understand the value of teaching the fundamentals of the sport, but they also realize the importance of the character of the athletes.

“I hope the girls will get an understanding of what it means to be a team player, winning or losing. Being a good team member takes a lot of hard work, patience and dedication,” said Bryanna.

“I want them to have a safe Christian place they can grow spiritually and to encourage them to find out who they are, not only as basketball players, but as young men,” said Brian.

The WTHSA association teams will be competitive as opposed to recreational. The league will be affiliated with the Tri-State Christian Conference (TSCC) and will follow closely to the guidelines of the National Christian Home School Championships (NCHC) and the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA) to allow the athletes to play and be recognized at a competitive level.

“Being on a competitive team has so many benefits and learning opportunities,” said Bryanna. “I mean, who doesn’t remember what they learned from winning their first game and all the hard work it took or losing and coming together as a team to try harder next time? Competitive sports teach about hard work, dedication and disciplining yourself.”

The volleyball team will be for girls in sixth through twelfth grades and the there will be a junior varsity team (sixth through ninth grades) and varsity team (ninth through twelfth grades) for boys’ basketball. Although tryouts have already been held for all of the teams, you may contact Bryanna and Brian to learn more about each team.

According to Brian, there are two things the players need to bring with them to the tryouts.

“The willingness to learn and give it all they have!”

WTHSA girls’ volleyball: Contact Bryanna at (731) 267-1658

WTHSA boys’ basketball: Contact Brian Eubanks (731) 414-9230

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