New Student and Teacher IDs!

Student ID thick border

Student IDs are now available through our Request Manger in the Member Login area. Teacher IDs are also available. IDs card make discounts easier and are only $5 for delivery. Send us a great picture and we'll send you a great  looking ID!

New Videos!

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our new website this year we are launching a host of new videos. These
will include tutorials, promotions, and equipping information. Subscribe to our new YouTube Channel
and receive notice when new videos are added, as well as see which
videos HLA recommends. Much of the content will be streamed onto the
new HLA Website on various pages. We're especially excited about
creating detailed video content for grade reporting and special
interest videos of real homeschool moms and dads! Stay tuned for more… as the cameras roll.

New Facebook Page

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If you would like to keep up with the inner workings of HLA become a fan of the new HomeLife Academy Facebook page.
This is not essential to your home education or enrollment with HLA.
But if you already have a Facebook account you might find it fun to see
what we're up to. We'll post photos, videos, information, and updates.

also added a few discussion questions: "What is your favorite field
trip experience: price, location, details, etc?" and… "What is your
favorite homeschooling method?"
                                         Should be fun!


New High School Pages

High School Pages button

HLA started in TN, but
now serves a global homeschool community, offering ONE competitive diploma to
graduates in all fifty states and many foreign countries. The
uniqueness of HLA is we put the power in the hands of the parent,
allowing YOU to customize a highschool transcript that is     just right
according to your child's goals. That is why we call this Goal-Based
Education. Our transcripts are as diverse as the directions of our
students. Our new high school pages contain wealth of information to help you take
responsibility for your high school student. But you are NEVER ALONE!
Our growing high school staff is experienced and helpful.

New Helps for Home Educators!

don't plan to stop here, or stop anytime soon. As long as God wills we
will continue to look for new ways to serve families. We'll work hard
to keep you informed about changes in your state, opportunities for
your family, and possibilities for your kids future.

also talking about new websites and ministries for support groups,
podcasting, and curriculum swapping. We're redesigning HomeSchool
Trading Post and looking forward to making a place for unique
homeschooling items. And we're building a site just for homeschooler's
financial needs and scholarship information.

If you have ideas
or input we would love to hear it. Thank you again for allowing us the
pleasure of working at what we love every single day. Call or email us
anytime. We're here to serve.  David.