HomeLife Academy

Volume 7, Number 8
New HLA website
After months & months of hard work we are thrilled to say the new HLA website is
now live! Still more work to do; more improvements to make. But we think you'll love it as much as we do. Below read some of our favorite new features and updates. Thank you Tyler and Dan!!


Home Page Links States

Find information fast on any state in the counstatestry. State

specific pages are still being filled everyday and will help families get the info they need and get started more easily.

New Resource Pages

The resources page is now condensed some, making it easier to read. It also includes our new Amazon aStore. When you purchase books through our website 6.5% of your purchase goes to HLA! 

New High School Pages

The new high school pages have
been carried over but we're still making improvements to layout. We
have received a terrific response to the new GOAL-BASED direction and planning sheet. Everyone is so excited about the broad options and direct support.


Simple Registration Page

Registration has always been easy. Now it's even easier for NEW and RETURNING families.


New Search Bar Feature

At the top of every page you will now see a new Search Bar. It searches any term on our entire website, FAQ included. Put in "Dual Enrollment" and you'll see results for everything on Dual Enrollment. We love it!


New FAQ Easy Navigating

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Pages
have been completely redesigned, with easier navigation and powerful
search features. If you don't find the answer you're looking for please
contact us and we will answer your question and add it to our growing

Forums Now Discussion Board

We used to use the forums area of our old website to host all the FAQ. Now that the FAQ is moved to its own pages, the forums is now available to do what it is designed for: Let you discuss homeschooling! Please sign up
and jump in. Your comments and advice not only help HLA families but
families all over the world. It's encouraging to read real stories and
real input from real parents just like you.


More Changes Coming

We still have much more to do. We're working on new Support Groups pages, Video Introductions, Grade Reporting Tutorials, and more. If you have ideas for the new site please contact us. We love your input. And we love serving your family!

Personal Note: "I
can't tell you how excited we are to serve homeschoolers. We love
everyone one of you though we've never met most. As God continues to
grow this ministry to families our resolve has never been stronger or
deeper — to see you succeed and your children raised into Godly men
and women. Thank you for the years of trusting us."
– David Parkerson

~Home Life News~ is a monthly newsletter resource provided to all HLA teachers, friends, and family. HomeLifeAcademy offers parents
the freedom to choose their own books and custom design a
learner-centered educational plan to meet the interests and needs of
each individual student. From Kindergarten to graduation, HLA provides
record keeping, transcript, counseling, resource links, college
placement and more, allowing parents to do what they do best, lead
their children into a life-long love for learning!