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“How did I get here?” If you are a parent of a high school senior, you may be asking yourself that question. The last thing you probably remember is teaching your child their ABCs. Now, you are helping them send out college applications or make plans for another direction in life. Although your memory may not fail you that much, one thing that is certain is the time went by in a flash. And here you are – you have a high school senior. Fortunately, you are not alone as you prepare to walk your senior through their last year as a homeschooler. HomeLife Academy (HLA) will be right alongside you to make sure this is one of the best academic years you and your child spend together.

With this being the year of graduation preparation, you are certainly aware of the HLA high school requirements your child must complete to graduate. HLA only requires students to earn 22 credits. If your senior has plans to continue higher education at a two-year or four-year college or university, or a technical school, you should check with the institution to ensure your child has completed the requirements necessary to apply.

Seniors should also pursue scholarship opportunities that are available to them through the schools to which they are applying as well as from other sources. High ACT and SAT (and CLT for schools that recognize the exam) scores often lead to students receiving significant financial awards for school. Again, if your child knows where they plan to attend college, be sure to check with that school to learn the last date scores will be accepted towards their application. HLA also awards three scholarships to qualifying students: HLA Overcomer Award, HLA Special Achievement Award and the HLA Young Entrepreneur Award. Applications for those awards are open now.

Students typically complete their high school courses in four years, but that is not their only option. In recent years, many students have chosen to follow a five-year high school plan. Some of the benefits of the five-year schedule are more time to complete required courses, less demanding academic schedule to pursue other interests before beginning college, and more time to mature and prepare for their next big step. Students who choose this path will only be required to pay the HLA senior fee once.

There are so many perks to being an HLA family. One of them is access to qualified and knowledgeable counselors. Our counselors are a great resource for families home educating all grades, but especially during the senior year. Many (All) of them have already walked in your shoes as parents of a high school senior, so they understand you. They know the excitement you have for your child as they finish their last year of high school. They know the nervousness or doubt you may experience as you question whether everything that is supposed to be done has been done for your child to graduate (and apply to college). They know the diligence required to stay on top of deadlines and ensure everything is completed timely. They know this year is special for both your child and you and want it to be positive and memorable. Register for the senior webinar that will be presented by HLA Senior Counselor Lani Carey on September 25.

Another way to be sure this is a great year is to keep up with important news and opportunities for your senior. The 2018/2019 HLA Fall Senior Newsletter was published this month. Be sure to read the newsletter, because it is full of a lot of important news your senior and you need to know. Send us an e-mail if you have not received the newsletter.

Senior year is not all about checklists and deadlines. HLA created the HomeLife 2018/2019 Seniors & Grads Facebook group where you may connect with other families of seniors. Your senior may also order T-shirts, a class ring and other swag to celebrate their final year. They will even be able to memorialize this year through the HLA 2018/2019 Senior Yearbook.

This will not only be a great academic year, but a great senior year! Congratulations to our 2018/2019 HLA graduates!

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