The thought of teaching geometry, advanced biology and essay writing may seem easier when placed against teaching your child how to manage their personal finances. The challenge we have as parents is teaching our children how to manage their money with real life experiences that could impact their savings as well as their lives. Beyond Personal Finance (BPF) is partnering with HomeLife Academy to give parents tools to help their children make good life choices regarding their personal finances.

The BPF Single Student Pack for the Online Class is a 20-lesson class that covers several areas of money management. Each lesson is about 30 minutes to one hour long. The single student pack includes one Student Workbook and one Teacher Guide, as well as access to the online program. As stated in its title, it goes beyond basic personal finance. BPF introduces students to budgeting as well as managing student loans and financial aid, and covers many future adult financial experiences such as career choices and payroll, automobile and home purchases, marriage and child expenses, and investments and retirement savings. The program covers a number of experiences you may have already had as an adult. Whether or not you had success with how you handled those experiences, using BPF to walk your child through the same will give them a good foundation as they begin their personal finance journey.

The program is geared towards students in middle school and high school with basic math knowledge of decimals, percentages, and basic algebra. The BPF Single Student Pack allows students to easily include the self-pace course into their current school schedule. Interactive instruction and hands-on activities bring money management to life and allow students to see how the decisions they make can affect their lives.

Watch the class introduction.

You may learn more about the program offerings and also have your child take an assessment to see if they are ready to begin the program.

HomeLife Academy (HLA) families may receive 20 percent off the BPF Single Student Pack for the Online Class now by entering coupon code HLA20 at checkout. If you are teaching more than one child, additional Student Workbooks may be purchased at regular price. BPF also offers a live, online classroom setting for those students who prefer that experience.

Give your child a great start to financial independence today with Beyond Personal Finance!

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