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We sat down with Phyllis Lerro, a HomeLife Academy (HLA) admissions and high school counselor who has previously homeschooled and graduated three students, and asked her about some of the curricula she recommends to families. After thinking for a minute, Lerro smiled and said, “AOP.” We asked her which AOP program she recommends the most and she said, “Oh, most definitely AOP’s LIFEPAC.”

Now, there are numerous options offered by AOP and it is safe to say everyone can find at least one thing that works for them and their family. But after she used LIFEPAC with her own children in the past, Lerro had personal experience with this program. When asked why she liked it, Lerro quickly started talking about how they break the subject down. She loved that the program breaks each subject down into 10 consumable worktexts. Each time a student finishes a worktext, they get something “physical” that becomes smaller and smaller as they work through their workbook. It proves a good tool for motivation.

“Another perk of LIFEPAC,” as expressed by Lerro, “is the way they post the scope and sequence of each subject.” If you are a family who is starting mid-year or mid-semester, you have the ability to look at what each worktext is going to cover. This way you can skip the ones your student has already done.

Lerro likes to recommend LIFEPAC to families who are new to homeschooling and have no idea where to start and to families who feel more comfortable using a curriculum that is more traditional as opposed to online or parent-created. She also said LIFEPAC is great for those families who like to travel often as it is simple to just grab-and-go.

Phyllis has been recommending AOP to families for well over 15 years. However, we at HLA realize and appreciate that each family is different and unique. If LIFEPAC does not work for your child, there are many more options out there to choose from!

HLA has a sweet deal with AOP. We have worked with them to get our families a discount on their programs and curriculum. As they are a Preferred Partner of HLA, every HLA family can save 20 percent on items such as LIFEPAC, Horizons and the Monarch online curriculum.

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