If you need to enroll, you will be able to choose from one of the following options:




 – Need a few more days to pay?

We recommend that you go ahead and ENROLL NOW . Choose Send an Invoice. You will have 10 days from the date of invoice to make payment or other arrangements if needed. Choose this option if you will be able to pay in full within the next couple of weeks.



Option 2 – Want a monthly membership?

If you can not pay the registration fees in full, our Monthly Membership may be a good option for you. Our Monthly Membership allows you to pay $20/month and allows you to pay consistently each month year round therefore, not having to remember to register your students each year and not having to pay a lump sum at the beginning of the year. You will pay the $50 application fee (new families only) and then have auto drafts of $20/month on the day you specify. You will also receive all the following benefits with our membership:


  • Membership IDs for Account Holders (use for discounts and proof of enrollment)
  • Access to TTD 365 Membership (Value $60 – network, workshops, webinars, resources)
  • Three Month Access to Schoolhouse Teachers Online Courses then $99/year (Value $249)
  • Access to Enchanted Learning (resources, worksheets, lessons)
  • HLA Promotional Giveaway** (during pre-registration season – ex. T-shirt, mug, hat, tote)
  • One month FREE AOP Monarch Online (curriculum option)
  • Enrollment Renewed Each Year Ongoing (convenience)
  • Extended Deadline for Reporting Requirements


OPTION 3 – Need a scholarship?

If an invoice or monthly membership will not help, you can apply for a needs-based scholarship.  HLA and HCF have limited funds for scholarships, therefore, there is no guarantee that you will receive one. We have had generous donors to help with the needs of families affected by Covid-19; but funds are limited.
Only apply as a last resort and when you have exhausted other means to cover your enrollment. Families must be enrolled with HLA for at least one year before they are eligible for our needs-based scholarship, however, certain urgent situations may be eligible for our CARE Scholarship through HCF.
Remember that if you are in TN, AL, FL, or CO, you could be considered truant if you are not registered with a school or with the local board of education. Please be sure you are meeting compulsory attendance requirements in your state or register with your local board of education if you are out of options.