If you need to enroll, choose from one of the following options:

 – Need a few more days to pay? We recommend that you go ahead and ENROLL NOW . Choose Pay by Check, scroll down and choose Mail Check and an invoice will be emailed to you. You will have 10 days from the date of invoice to make payment or other arrangements if needed. Choose this option if you will be able to pay in full within the next couple of weeks.



OPTION 2Need a payment plan? You will need to pay a $15 set-up fee to get started.

If you have not already done so, ENROLL NOW by logging into your HLA account and register for the 18/19 school yr, clicking that you will pay with a check, then scroll down and choose Mail Check. This will allow the registration to go through without payment. We can not set up a payment plan with out this registration order.


Please click the link below to make the $15 payment plan set up fee and tell us how you want your payments to be made. We will then set up automatic withdrawals for your payments.

**Please understand this payment plan form is a contract that we will need you to uphold.  Due to a high volume of payments failing in previous years we are forced to add some restrictions for our payment plans. If payments fail to process or are returned you will have 10 days to get payments made before being charged a $15 late fee.  Unfortunately, if the failed payment is not made by your next scheduled payment date your students will be subject to being withdrawn and the local school board contacted.We would really like to try to help you avoid this from happening.


You will be notified by email 2 days before payments are drafted; please make arrangements to have money in your account on day of auto draft. Our system drafts the payments around 2 am on date draft is scheduled.  Thank you for your cooperation!


OPTION 3Need to apply for a scholarship? If an invoice or payment plan will not help, you can apply for a scholarship. There is no guarantee that you will be eligible. HLA has limited funds for need-based scholarships. Only apply as a last resort and have exhausted other means to cover your enrollment.  Remember that if you are in TN, AL, FL, or CO, you could be truant, so you need to be sure you are meeting compulsory attendance requirements in your state or register with your local board of education if you are out of options.  Contact billing@homelifeacademy.com to apply.