The big homeschool conventions usually only come around once every year. Because of that, it is always best to prepare, so you may take advantage of the offerings and have a good time. There are usually speakers to hear, workshops to attend and a vendor hall full of curricula to see. The best advice is to plan your day(s) for the event. Attending a homeschool convention can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. These tips are ones that will help you prepare before heading to the event.

We should have a purpose for everything we do. Each time you attend a homeschool convention, your needs are going to be determined by where you are in your homeschool journey. One year, you many need inspiration and motivation to continue, which will draw you to attend to hear the speakers. Another year, you may find yourself searching for the “perfect” curriculum that will work for your children and you. If you are new to homeschooling, you may be on a mission to learn everything you can about homeschooling, which will involve listening to the speakers, attending workshops and spending time in the vendor hall talking to vendor representatives about their products.

Speakers, workshops, special programming and, of course, the vendor hall with all that curricula will be some of the options at a homeschool convention. You are going to have to decide what is for you. Before the convention, you may usually read the speaker biographies and see the list of vendors. With your purpose in mind, look through the list of speakers, workshops, etc. that target your reason for attending the convention. Once you know what you would like to see and hear, you will be able to make a schedule for the event. If you will attend the convention for more than one day, be sure to not wait too long before making lodging accommodations. Do not miss out on hotel discounts.

Prioritize what is most important. Depending on the number of days of the convention, you can determine what you have time for and what you do not. Since you will not be able to see and do everything, decide what will benefit you the most. The event schedule is usually available for viewing before the convention, so make a schedule for each day. Keep in mind some workshops are presented more than once, so be sure to not miss the ones that are only presented one time. Be sure to include lunch time or at least a break in the day for a snack and to review what you have seen and heard. That information may affect how you spend your money on curricula and other items.

Having plans before attending a homeschool convention will make the day(s) less stressful. Once you arrive at the convention, your day will run smoothly, because of the preparation you have already done.

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