I had another really great update meeting last week with Tyler about the new grade reporting system. Most of the hardcore programming is finished now, which allows for grade input. This picture above shows how easy it is to navigate and enter grades. We’ll have some video tutorials coming out soon.

 (This is actually a little bit older screen shot from my desktop. The newest has the portfolio now built in.)

He is now getting started on transcript layout and design. I sent him a copy of a sample transcript and he didn’t see any problems.  He even said it would be pretty easy to push it to an editor on the same page, allowing us to make changes as needed before generating a .pdf. What this means exactly is this: In the current system every one of our computers has to have MS Word in order to generate a transcript. With the new system the trancripts and other docs, such as portfolios, will generate in the browser first. No need for expensive Office suite programs, and all the updates which go with it. This is the true way to do remote offices and even the more efficient way to do transcripts in the Records office.