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Discounts for HLA Teachers and Students

Registration with HomeLife Academy equals great discounts with HSLDA, Magazines, Books, Field Trips, Hotels, and MORE!!  We are continually working to secure significant discounts for our teachers and students. So check back here often for updates. If you know of other possible discounts for HLA teachers, please let us know by writing

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After registration, all HLA teachers are sent a Teacher Verification email that can be used to obtain discounts at many bookstores. Just take your verification letter with you and ask.  You may also present your HLA Teacher ID card.  Please help us build a list of booksellers that honor teacher discounts. If you know of a store that honors discounts, please email with detailed information. Thank you.

Book stores that honor the HLA Teacher Verification
Most of these give a 10-20% discount to teachers, as well as a teacher’s discount card when you ask. You can present them your Teacher Verification email OR your HLA Teacher ID, which may be purchased through myHLA.

HLA strongly encourages all our families to register with HSLDA.  A $15 discount is granted to all registered HLA teachers.  The discount number is sent to you in the New Family Welcome Packet.  Simply submit the number on the HSLDA application, and they will reduce the annual membership fee from $130 to $115.  (Note: If you have already paid the fee for this school year, the discount will be available to you next year.)

A 33% discount is available to all HLA families. Practical tips, straightforward suggestions, and bold, biblical challenges that make up an open forum for wrestling through the complex issues that affect homeschooling families. To take advantage of this great discount, send your Teacher Verification email that you received after registering to


A 50% discount is available to all HLA families. *THE* Magazine for Homeschool Families. Approx 200 pages, gloss, and color, TOS Magazine is found in bookstores nationwide. To take advantage of this fantastic discount, send your Teacher Verification email that you received after registering to and request the discount code for HomeLife Academy!


A 15% Discount is available to all HLA families. For 25 years, God’s World News has been a source of current news, science discoveries, and geography for children, and it is still the only current events papers and related web site written from a Christian perspective. We provide today’s children with a worldview that isn’t available from any other news source. Free samples available on our website. To take advantage of this great discount, send your Teacher Verification email that you received after registering to

If you know of more Museums, Aquariums, Art Galleries, etc. which offer discounts, please email with information to be added to this page. If you are curious about getting a discount somewhere but are not sure, it never hurts to ask!

Call: 888-987-3355, Ext 44874 – Clydell Spencer
Education – Faculty, Student, Staff Sales

Our teachers can call and say they are teachers for HomeLife Academy and that they would like the teacher’s discount.  They will ask what district we’re located in. Say “Based in the Memphis City School district.”  Available discounts:

  • 5% off with a 1yr warranty
  • 8% off with a 3yr or 4yr warranty
  • Teachers are eligible to receive one free DVD per year.  These videos are very popular and deal with subjects in social studies, character education, and current events. Just let them know you are are a teacher for HLA!