How you can help…

HomeLife Academy through the Homeschool CARE Foundation offers scholarships to families in need each year. We want to be able to continue to help our families and to do so we need your help.

Homeschool CARE Foundation was created to help homeschooling families through their journey. Encouragement and support to homeschooling parents can make the difference in their students’ success. We currently are building three program areas in order to CONNECT, COUNSEL and CONTRIBUTE back to homeschooling families across the nation.

CONNECT: There are parents that feel homeschooling is the only and best option for their student, but don’t know how, don’t have the foundation or philosophy that many long-time homeschoolers take for granted. We would like to CONNECT families together for mentorship and support.

COUNSEL: Today, there are students struggling with depression from bullying, anxiety, fear, grief.  We would like to offer counseling, guidance, and encouragement to parents and students who need help knowing how to deal with these issues through solid, biblical professional counseling support.

CONTRIBUTE: There are families suffering from loss whether financial or physical or who may need extra support.  We want to contribute to these families in a way that can make a difference and we want to give other families the opportunity to contribute to them as well.

Join us today in building funds to make these services and dollars available to homeschooling families. Click below to DONATE or to find out more on how to get involved and other fundraising efforts.




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