We would like to invite you to take part in our Box Tops for Education fundraiser.
This is HLA’s primary fundraiser for scholarship funds.
Awards are given each year to the families that contribute the most to our Box Tops campaign. Even giving one Box Top can qualify you for an award!



HLA has a contest each year from February 16 of the current year to
February 15 of the following year.

Here are some guidelines provided by Box Tops for Education for collecting and mailing in your Box Tops:

1. Regular clipped Box Tops should be bundled into groups of 50, using envelopes or plastic baggies. Label each bundle with “50” on the outside. We MUST be able to see the expiration date AND the letter code in the upper left corner.

2. Bonus Box Tops certificates should be bundled together, separate from the regular box tops. They don’t have to be in groups of 50, just separated from the others.

3. Please make sure there are NO expired Box Tops – we can NOT send them in if they are expired.


Here are some additional guidelines from HLA:

1. For the sake of the contest, please include parent’s full name and email address that is on your HLA account. This will help us in making sure you get credit for the Box Tops you send in.

2. It is not necessary but is helpful if you will include a note stating how many Box Tops are included in your batch. This will give us something to compare our numbers with to make sure we counted correctly.

3. Mail Box Tops to:

Box Top Coordinator
P.O. Box 11688
Jackson, TN  38308

Don’t feel like you can’t send in those Box Tops because you haven’t collected enough to win the contest!  We have a RANDOM DRAWING from ALL families that mailed in at least 1 Box Top!  This family will receive FREE tuition for the upcoming school year! That is worth collecting those little Box Tops and mailing them in.


Thank you for your support!
Contest Deadline: February 15th




One (1) year FREE registration and a $75 check.




One (1) year FREE registration and a $50 check.




One (1) year FREE registration.




A $25 Amazon giftcard will be chosen from a random drawing of all remaining participants.




A $25 Amazon giftcard will be chosen from a random drawing of all remaining participants.