10th Grade – College4 Path Checklist

Concerning ALL students

  • Your student will receive one annual Transcript Review each year beginning in the spring of 9th grade continuing each year through graduation. 
  • Every student should use a Planning Sheet and complete all 4 years.
  • FL college-bound students should use the FL Planning Sheet.
  • We suggest all students begin on the College4 Path as it is much easier to jump off this path at any time but more difficult to jump on midway through high school. 

10th Grade Checklist

blue checkUse your student’s 9th grade Transcript Review to plan 10th-grade courses

blue checkWatch for upcoming 10th-grade Transcript Review

blue checkCompare the Transcript Review with your Planning Sheet. 

blue checkMake necessary corrections in Applecore ASAP

blue checkConsider taking PSAT for practice (October)

blue checkConsider taking the ACT in the late spring as a “practice”. 

blue checkIf your student is interested in participating in Governor’s School refer to Awards and Scholarships

blue checkAlso take a look at the Honors Programs we have available for HLA students.

blue checkRequest a Driver’s License Form  (14 business days) before needed.

blue checkHelp your student identify and strengthen academic areas that need to be improved.

blue checkStart visiting college campuses this summer.

blue checkContinue to save for college and investigate financial aid resources.

blue checkUse your 10th-grade Transcript Review when planning for 11th grade.