12th Grade Checklist  

Concerning ALL students

  • Your student will receive one annual Transcript Review in the 11th grade and another annual review in the 12th grade.
  • 9th and 10th grade students will receive their Transcript Reviews by request only. 
  • Every student should use a Planning Sheet and complete all 4 years.
  • FL college-bound students should use the FL Planning Sheet.
  • Refer to the Path that best fits your students goals for course recommendations for the senior year. 
  • A student’s path can be changed at any time. Goal Based Planning is used for the purpose of showing you the options and flexibility available for students depending on their goals.

12th Graders

blue checkUse the High School Review button in Applecore to see a summary of the credits your student has completed and what will still be needed to meet graduation requirements.

blue checkWatch for your student’s 12th grade Transcript Review sometime during his/her 12th-grade year. Make any needed corrections ASAP.

blue checkCompare the Transcript Review with your student’s High School Planning Sheet. 

blue checkMake sure all information is 100% correct in Applecore ASAP. No edits or corrections will be made once a student graduates and/or official transcripts are released.  

blue checkVerify the student has all required courses needed for admissions requirements to any prospective colleges, trades schools, military or other institutions your student may be considering. 

blue checkStudents can do a 5th year if needed to meet graduation requirements or other goals. 

blue checkIf your student will be taking Dual Enrollment courses complete forms and upload to the request manager located in your myHLA account. 

blue checkFill out your FAFSA form as soon as possible after October 1 if your student will be attending a college or trade school. 

TN Students

blue checkFill out TN Promise Application Deadline is November 1. (Online application available Oct 1-Nov 1). We recommend ALL seniors do this even if college is not in their plan. Things can change. 

blue checkFill out the FAFSA form beginning October 1 – January 17 of your senior year.

blue checkCollege applications are due beginning in October – sometimes earlier.  Please check with colleges of interest for deadlines.

blue checkVerify that your student has all required courses needed for college admissions.

blue checkRequest official transcripts from HLA at least 3 weeks before any deadlines.  

blue checkSpecify if you want the Portfolio sent with the first transcript being sent. 

blue checkRequest Recommendation Letters if needed. Enter a request in the request manager of your account and Contact Diane.

blue checkApply for all colleges, trade school and other institutions as well as any scholarships before the posted due date; earlier if possible. 

blue checkIf you have not taken the ACT/SAT take it as soon as possible if your student is college bound.

blue checkHLA students must get a 21 on the ACT to qualify for the TN HOPE Scholarship.

Florida Students 

blue checkFill out the Bright Futures Application after Dec. 1. 


blue checkRequest your student’s diploma once all courses are complete, and final grades are reported. 

blue checkRefer to Steps for Graduation for additional information. 

blue checkRequest Final transcripts to be sent to the college AFTER you have requested the diploma.

blue checkEnsure all courses, course titles, grades, and credits are 100% correct in Applecore.

blue checkNO revisions will be allowed once HLA has sent official transcripts or the student has graduated.

blue checkRefer to Graduation Ceremonies for more information on ordering graduation accessories.