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Homeschoolers are always on the lookout for ways to save money. They are just wired that way and that is a very good thing. When it comes to choosing curricula, there is no need to spend more money when you can save by the way you shop for each school year. These tips are ones that will keep a little bit more of your money in your pocket.

Trade for What you Need
Once you find a curriculum that works for your child, stick with it until it does not work. Since that is your plan, sticking with it, you know you will need the next level if there is one. Along with the fact you homeschool, curricula often brings homeschool parents together. More than likely, the homeschool parent you call friend uses the same material as you. If not, they may know someone else who does. Trade up (or down) for what you need with another parent who uses the same material.

Don’t Overlook Earlier Editions
If you do not need the latest edition of a curriculum, consider purchasing the earlier version. Of course you will not have the updates, but the lack of updates will not hinder what you are able to teach your child. The earlier edition will still have the same great content for teaching the subject. You may be able to find earlier editions at a cheaper price, because most people will be seeking the most recent edition for which the price will be higher. The only subject for which this may not apply is science. Remember Pluto?

Purchase Ahead
Sometimes, a good deal is too good to pass up. If you have the money, do not miss out on purchasing that math set or those literature books you will need for next year (or beyond). If you have decided what curricula you are going to use for future years, you can start looking now for the material you will need.

Purchase Digital
If you have multiple children, buying digital can sometimes be your best option. Usually, the digital license gives you permission to print as many copies of the material for you and all of your children, only. You may choose to maintain the printed pages in a binder or get them bound at your local print shop, which is usually not too expensive. Weigh the price per printed page versus purchasing an already bound book and the shipping. If you need multiple copies, you may come out ahead by choosing the digital option. Also, if you use iPads or other electronic devices in your school, the digital option allows you to load those files onto multiple devices. Depending on how you like to do your work, save the paper and view the course material on the device and only print the pages you need.

Wait until September
Waiting until September can be a gamble, but if your family returns to school in September or later, this may not be a bad idea. Some homeschoolers are actually still completing their school year into August or use their previous books for review. By the time September or later rolls around, they have books to sell as they prepare for the new school year. Deals can be easily made with someone who needs to get rid of their books quickly, so they can purchase some for the new school year.

All-In-One Online Option
Purchasing a complete online package that covers all subjects for your child may be something that will work best for your family. HomeLife Academy currently has four options through Archway using Alpha Omega’s Ignita online curriculum. The curriculum is included in the price, which can save you money and also time by eliminating the need to hunt for affordable curricula.
four options through Archway

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